The English dictionary defines indecent “offensive to good taste. In other words indecent is the not keeping with conventional more values, improper, immodest or un-seemly.
Indecent Dressing
A decent dressing of course, is part of human life, because it elicits respect and protects the person’s dignity. While the autonomy which is indecent dressing is a social malady that ridicules the person and likely to shock or irritates people. It exposes part of the body, usually sexual organs which normally should be covered.
Decent dressing by student/working class/celebrities e.t.c. attracts respect from lecturers, guards, classmates, boss, colleagues, fans e.t.c and most importantly can go a long way to protect you from being the target of rape, sexual harassment and scandal.
Indecent dressing has adverse effects on person, it brings hatred, disrespect from people. Good dressing is good business. For example most victims of rape on campus are indecent dressers, they are seductive. This habit is traceable to all age group in the society, but common among the youth.
In Nigeria today, most ladies including married and single are exposed to western culture through television and the social media. Most celebrities wear tattered jeans with holes and tight fitting shirt. Some even wear pant while on stage. Unfortunately, this lures under-aged children to engage in early sex. Over exposure to popular culture through various media is the main reason or the menace of indecent dressing. If you go to the campuses of institutions of higher learning, you will be astonished by the mode of dressing by students. That is why some universities have a sort of dress code now for their students in order to curb this problem
Most ladies appeared half naked all in the name of fashion. Some wear mini-shirts while others wear tight jeans, small tight tops, some even wear tops as gowns exposing their body purposely. The basis of dressing historically tatted from the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their nakedness, from that time, dressing became part of humans beings. One must be mindful of dressing because your dressing determines who you are where you are from and how responsible you are. You must dress in a respectful manner.
There is a popular saying don’t judge a book by its cover. Then I got a response for this saying when I watched desperate, house, wives. Susan Mayer told her daughter, you will judge that book if it has holes on its cover. Similarly. This issue of indecent dressing includes guys. You will see a guy looking really funny. putting jeans and pairing it up with a tee-shirt made for four years old for the sake of fashion.
Parents also have role to play, train up your kids properly. Inculcate values in them. Let them know what is good and what is bad. Make them understand that, that which they see as beautiful may not be or is not beautiful. They are certain training that once given to a child can never be erased or influenced by society.
We should really look into this issue because it is getting worst by the day it is a shame when you see the so called celebrities and socialites dressing so indecently. They seem not to know that they are role models to people and as such things they do including dressing.
Let’s try and find way to curb this ugly trend. Let the schools have a law that students should not be caught wearing some kind of clothes.
Let movies/music producer find the right costume for the artistes expect the role of prostitute. We are of seeing naked ladies in music video. Lets employers have a dress code for their organization. Let parents watch their kids.
It’s has to be a concerted for us to effect a change. Be inspired!! Be motivated!! Be enlightened!!!
Say no to indecent dressing.