ABUJA – Dr Jibril Abdullahi, a gynaecologist, has said that premature menopause could be as a result of certain diseases, genetics or hereditary.
Abdullahi said this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.
He said that genetic disorders like Down syndrome and tuner Syndrome could result in premature menopause, adding that heart disorders could also be causative factors.
According to him, the treatment of certain cancers of the abdomen and the pelvis, either by using drugs known as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can lead to premature menopause.
“The disorders are associated with the abnormality in the number of chromosomes while tuberculosis, mumps, chicken pox, may also cause premature menopause.
“Some treatments such as surgical removal of the womb known as Hysterectomy especially with the removal of ovaries are other factors that can contribute to premature menopause.
“Premature menopause may occur in women whose mother or sister has had premature menopause,’’ he said.
Abdullahi also said that cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption was a contributory factor to premature menopause.
The expert explained that the normal age for menopause should be between the ages of 48 and 51, while the abnormal menopause in women could occur on or before 40 years of age.
He advised that living a healthy life was important throughout a woman’s life while regular medical check-up for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol should be sustained.
Reports state that early menopause is the complete or partial cessation of menses before the expected age for a specific population and race.