FEW people do not like banana tree to stand near their homes on the believe that it breeds mosquitoes. Though this is true because of its ability to retain water, the area can be mosquitoes free if under the banana tree is cleared and kept neat regularly.  This natural food generally known as “banana” is highly nutritious. Banana contains vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, E, G, potassium, aluminum, sodium chloride, natural salt, acetic acid, Dolomite (calcium and magnesium) phosphorus, selenium etc.
VITAMIN “A”: is important in the maintenance of the mucous membrane and promotes bright eye.
VITAMIN “B” COMPLEX: This vitamin include all the ‘B complex group such as biotin, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, antithetic acid, folic acid, etc. All the member of vitamin ‘B complex work interdependently
VITAMIN “B” complex is required for growth, formation of blood, strength, digestion, appetite, tonic for the muscles and healthy skin. Vitamin ‘B’ complex is also required to enable other vitamins and minerals to function properly.
VITAMIN “C”: Though this vitamin does not play a particular role in the body, it is required to keep the body tissues together in other to avoid collagen, which is the same thing as premature aging. It is also a preventive against diseases especially in times of stress and tiredness. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and improves iron absorption.
VITAMIN “E” This vitamin enables the reproductive organs to function properly. It is the heart vitamin and promotes the, circulatory system. It is also food for the hair, nail and skin. This is. known as sex and heart vitamin.
VITAMIN “G” The digestion system, blood circulation and blood formation function properly through the help of this vitamin.
POTASSIUM: The normal growth of muscles and nerves are made possible by potassium, food for the brain and salt of intelligence.
ALUMINIUM: this protects the glands and enables other minerals to function properly. SODIUM CHLORIDE: This protects the body and gives the required strength in time of hard period.
NATURAL SALT: Any form of salt except natural or fruit salt is dangerous to health. Salt promotes diabetes and hypertension. Natural salt aids digestion, formation and cleaning of blood, muscles and bones.
CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM: Calcium protects the bones, teeth nerves and muscles white magnesium promotes growth and normal respiration. Calcium and magnesium known as dolomite enable the heart to function properly.
PHOSPHORUS: Carbohydrates and fats in the body are broken down for easy digestion. This also helps in the formation of the bones.
SELENIUM: Selenium prevents cancer Selenium and vitamins E combined have proved to neutralize cancer causing free radical cells.
Banana as food has rescued many families from hunger especially in emergency situations. No specials preparation is required before banana finally gets to the dinning table. Banana also serves as fast food. You can consume banana in homes, offices and along the street. Banana can also be eaten in combination with other food, such as rice, beans, yam, vegetable etc. banana is placed high among other fruits. It is cheap and it is easily affordable by both the rich and the poor.
Monkey and other animals rate banana as their best food.
Banana contains some medicinal properties for the treatment of ulcer, constipation, diarrhea and other diseases of the stomach and intestine.
Cataract can be treated with banana in combination with orinol. A herbalist in the western part of Nigeria confirmed to me that he has been using banana with Ohie to treat cataract over the years with good satisfaction.
Combinations of banana with other herbs are used as sure remedy for deadly diseases.
Unripe dried bananas in combination with unripe dried plantain with the peel should be grated for the treatment of stomach ulcer for permanent cure. Using ripe banana alone, though it calms the stomach for a while, but not for permanent solution.
Study had shown that banana can lower high blood pressure. The hypertensive need up to seven mediums seize banana a day to equal the blood pressure pill. Study in Indian state reported ten percent decrease in blood pressure in people who eat two banana daily for a week.
Indian scientists reported that what is contained in banana act in the same way similar to anti- hypertensive drug. They also reported that the ripe banana have more anti-hypertensive properties than the unripe ones. The report is in the February 1999 Indian medical journal; known as “Current Science”.
The American scientists are also working on how to produce anti-hypertensive vaccine from banana. Chariles Arnitzen, president of the Boyce Thompson Institute for plant research in New York is also Leading a group of scientists on how to develop vaccine from banana against other bacteria that kills millions of children every years.
Professor Ivan Cameron of the University of Texas, Health science center, in San Antonio, U.S.A. said pectin, the fiber found in banana has all it takes to keep colon cancer away. Professor Cameron calls pectin a unique power among soluble fibers in inhibiting colon cancer. Typically, insoluble fiber, the type found in whole wheat has been shown to block colon cancer.
Studies by the American Health Association have found that banana used with other herbs helps to lower blood pressure.