Under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade KIM JONG UN the Korean people are making rapid developments on all fronts for building powerful nation state.
But the U.S, not pleased with the DPRK’s great development and prosperity, resorts to the despicable “human rights” racket to isolate and suffocate the DPRK, the bulwark of socialism and fortress of independence and justice.
The DPRK is a people-centered socialist system in which people are masters of everything and everything serves them and the Korean people, under such state and social system, enjoy worthwhile and happy life and genuine human rights.
The U.S is the kingpin of human rights violation and tundra of human rights.
On December 9, 2014 the U.S. Congress made public some parts of the report that exposed inhuman acts of torture applied by the CIA against suspects of international terrorist groups.
According to the report the CIA, for several years, forced hundreds of prisoners to the unimaginable torture such as sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours with their hands shackled above their heads, placing in a box size coffin for over 11 days, ice water baths, rectal rehydration, violent rape and so on.
Those inhumane, medieval tortures have been committed systematically, premeditatedly and extensively under the approval and protection of the U.S. president.
The revealed acts of torture by the CIA are nothing new nor is it in all.
They are a piece of the innumerous crimes against humanity. The U.S., a sample state of human rights violation, has committed all over the world in the past.
The whole world is shocked at such atrocious tortures, and international human rights organizations and groups and all the countries are unanimously condemning them.
After the end of the Korean War(1950-1953), the US, posing as a master in south Korea, continued to commit brutal atrocities against many innocent people.
A girl was shot dead under the name of “pheasant” while she was picking up herbs and a 3 year-old child had the same destiny because he was believed to be “thief of petrol”. These incidents were named as “Shooting Incident of a Girl in Kunsan” and “Killing Incident of a Child in Inchon Petroleum Pipeline” in 1957. The 1958 incident named “Incident of a Pupyong Girl in a Box of Helicopter” exposes how the orphan, shoeshine boy, was accused as a thief and mangled, how his toenails and hairs were pulled by a pair of pliers and, at the end, was dumped in a box from the helicopter, all his body covered with tar. In 1959, a woman, forcibly taken to a US military base, was raped by a group of soldiers and beaten with whip. She was then forced out to the street with her whole body being painted. This atrocity was recorded as the “Incident of a Painted Woman of Euijongbu”. The “Incident of Paju Woodchopper in 1962” whereby a farmer was shot dead as “roe deer” and the “Shooting Incident in 1981” whereby several civilians were killed in the name of testing “M-16” rifles are just few examples of the US atrocities committed in south Korea.
The Yun Gum Hui Case is about the satanic atrocity committed by a GI who raped and killed afore-said woman at Dongduchon around the US military base in 1992 by striking her head with a bottle and pushing a bottle in her womb and an umbrella in her anus. The case of Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son is about two young girls who were gruesomely killed beneath the pedrail of a US armored vehicle in 2002. These cases represent part of the crimes against humanity that can be committed only by the Yankees who are raised and imbued with immorality and hatred of human.
The GIs, from the very beginning, have regarded the south Korean people as animals like ducks or pheasants or wild rats instead of human being and considered them as no more than plaything for satisfying their perverted sexual desire.
In order to satisfy their sexual desire, the barbarian GIs raped indiscriminately any woman whether she is aged over 60 or minor, aged 6 or 8 and parturient pregnant.
A GI aged 23, raped a grandmother three times in alleys and parking areas and raped a teenage girl for over 4 hours in various perverted and thrilling methods. This incident is only a part of appalling atrocities committed by the brutal GIs upon south Korean woman, which are too terrible to speak about in one’s tongue.
The year 2013 only has recorded a number of brutalities committed by the aggressive GIs in series including the incident of GIs’ group-raping of a woman aged 20 in metro, the incident of a GI shooting randomly at pedestrians in central Seoul and escaping in a vehicle after crashing with a police, the incident of GIs who caused a traffic accident while driving in drunk and beat a victim chasing after them. Those atrocities arouse fury of the south Korean population.
Despite of the shuddering atrocities they committed, the brutal GIs are exempt from legal punishment because of the inequitable “US-south Korea Administrative Agreement” and repeatedly commit such atrocities, enjoying extraterritorial privileges.
The US cruelly oppressed and massacred the south Korean people in all walks of life who were engaged in the struggle for anti-US independence and anti-fascism democratization.
During the Kwangju Popular Uprising of May 18 in 1980, the US instigated the south Korean puppet paratroopers to slaughter the participants of uprising by mobilizing guns and hand-grenades, tanks, armored vehicles and helicopters. The then suppressive paratroopers committed such atrocities as beating middle-school students to death with iron hammers, ripping open the abdomen of a pregnant woman and picking out the fetus with a sword, cutting off breasts of female students, etc. and turned the entire city into the “bath of blood”, shocking the world in nightmare.
The US massacre of the Korean nation is in deed unprecedented in history and demonstrates to the whole world the murderous identity, brutality and barbarity of the US.
The kingpin of such human rights violation is pointing its finger at other countries over their human rights records, and this is the height of hypocrisy.
The UN Human Rights Commission should thoroughly investigate heinous human rights abuses committed by the U.S and the international community should take fair stand, keenly aware that the U.S. and other hostile forces’ “human rights” racket against the DPRK is utterly irrelevant to the defence of genuine human rights and it is the most dangerous move to tarnish its image, bring down its ideology and social system and find a pretext to invade it.
The DPRK will decisively frustrate the persistent anti-DPRK “human rights” campaign of the U.S and the hostile forces and continue to make utmost efforts to firmly defend the best Korean-style socialist system and provide better conditions for the people’s enjoyment of human rights.

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