LAGOS- The Lagos State Government says it has recorded 83 per cent cumulative budget performance for its 2014 budget.
Governor Babatunde Fashola disclosed this to newsmen after a review of the last quarter of the 2014 budget performance at the State House, Ikeja, Lagos.
According to Fashola, the State Government recorded 77 per cent budget performance in the last quarter of last year, with an overall cumulative budget performance of eighty three percent for 2014.
“Our fourth quarter performance was 77 per cent and the cumulative percent was 83 per cent. We have started work on the 2015 budget while some people are still unable to present their budget for 2015. That is the difference between us and them.
“Our budget is all about service and some of the impact of the fourth quarter performance would be seen in the completed court buildings in Epe, Ikeja and the solar powered projects in the primary schools and PHCs. Also, progress was made on road construction across the state-Agiliti, Isheri-Oshun and others.
“The Gbagada cardiac and kidney centre is completed and would be commissioned very soon. As our administration winds down, our priority is to do more on what we have done previously well. And do less of those things that we haven’t done well. Which were not many and to close up very strongly,” he said.
Fashola said his administration would strive to settle as many obligations as possible to contractors in spite of the difficult financial situation to accelerate and complete more ongoing projects like the housing scheme and road construction, adding that government is issuing more contracts to support small businesses in the state.
“We are in procurement for maintenance contract for about 666 schools. These are contracts which range from N2 million and N5 million.
These were graduates from our technical and vocational centres who have formed small businesses and members of the society who bided for the contract. We believe that this will help them to survive in this crunch economic time,” he said.

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