ABUJA – Dr Kunle Otuneye, a Consultant Paediatrician at the National Hospital, Abuja, has said frequent boils in children could be a sign of malnutrition and diabetes.
Otuneye told newsmen in Abuja that boils in children was also the cause for poor immune system.
According to him, boils are infections of the skin particularly affecting the hair follicles or sebaceous glands.
“If your child is suffering from the incidence of boils at regular intervals in spite of taking all necessary precautions to stay away from boils, a blood test will be required to know the cause.
“Many children in fact suffer from frequent incidence of boils due to weak immune system.
“The body having a weak immune system fails to resist the attack of the bacteria responsible for boils and as a result of which the child gets infected with boils again and again.
“Children with poor immune system have colonies of bacteria in their nasal chamber due to which they are repeatedly affected by boils,’’ Otuneye said.
He said other predisposing factors of frequent boils in children could be immune suppression (acquired or congenital), poor personal hygiene and exposure of the skin to irritants.