As the title of this very topic signifies a lot of ills happen in our society without our paying rapt attention to these social ills.  No day passes that we don’t see either the society is in shamble or shapeless or some people are trying to make it to be so.
Right away let us start off with the particular topic we have to discuss.  It may interest you to know how some of our so called ladies behave in the society for this reason we shall go to draw a line and put the ladies into different categories for easy identification and simplicity.
Firstly, there are the full time or permanent house wives, the second are the part-time house-wives, thirdly, the full time students civil servants and the wayward ones.
We shall speak on this in the above order.  The full time house wives for instance are the ones that are fully married either in accordance with native laws and custom of their origin, the church wedding or the open registry.  Such ladies are full fledge house wives and they are equal to the task of raising issues and they really see to the up keep of the homes.  These ladies contribute immensely to the upbringing of their children, they are the ones who really know the goings on the homes.
Some of these ladies who are married to big time business-men have an uphill task of looking after their children.  In most cases these businessmen don’t stay around quite often.  Their wives are left at home to care of their immediate family.
Not only businessmen’s wives that fail in these categories on the other Hand we have sales representative or sales men who have to move from one place to another.
Also sailors who are often on the high seas.  The second categories known as part-time house wives are those women, who though got married but later divorced; these sets of ladies find it difficult to stick to one man their main concern is how to gather wealth.  Majority of these people operate beer parlours, restaurants or bukatarian.  They are powerful in the society, they love to move with young men.
Because of their influence they have nearly everything you can think of in their possession.  From C.E.O, managers, captain of industries, oil magnate, drivers even truck pushers are not left out it depends on them they are all their favourites.  Some of them don’t care all they are after is satisfaction and cash.
The full-time students are quite rare amongst our ladies.
In our present day society, you see students moving from one school to another whenever exams do not favour them.  They know nearly all the miracle centres where they make 100% in their final exams.  Some of these ladies are from very good homes well to do parents in the society they misbehave.
The next set are the part-time students.  You don’t know when they are in school and when they are on holiday.  It is not enough for any female student to carry her bag to school daily without knowing she is in school.
During the exams they don’t care to read their books because their belief is that they can always make it, come what may.
Such practice does not abound in secondary school alone, for it also extends to our polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Universities.  As for the last category civil servants which comprise typists, receptionist, clerks, cleaners just to mention a few.
Typist are eagles-eyed in the office, they are see with file marked ‘confidential’.  You may apply for your annual vacation believe you me, before you get your leave letter typed it takes some weeks if not months before you could proceed on your annual vacation.
Nothing short of come today, come tomorrow then next week until you will be tired of the whole exercise.
Some receptionist will tell you that the big boss is not around; you will be made to fill forms which do not go anywhere.  “Why do you want to see the boss some of them do query”.
If they discovered that you are the JJC type they try to mock you by saying the boss is holding a crucial meeting with the commissioners or permanent secretary.
In the past when we used to have telephone operatress, they would simply say number please your department and then your intercommunication extension, you will wait endlessly for hours, you keep on waiting for them to connect you; mind you the very next thing they tell you then was either the phone number you wanted to hook on to was out of service or better still the line is engaged.
If you are the type that is easily provoked, you will rain abusive words on the telephonist who would simply bang the telephone receiver to cut you off permanently, but thank God GSM is here to stay.  However, you may not get any call form their end again.
This does not mean that the telephone operatress then were generally made and proud, but I think there are still very many of them that are good.  Under the working class ladies, the majority of them look so expensive in their mode of dressing, some leave on (OPM).  What they do in earnest is that they simply buy expensive body-care materials without paying for them, “they call the system book me down”. Many business women prefer these systems to the other one cash and carry on what they refer to in local parlance cash down.
To the seller he is at an advantage because of the additional naira he added to the original market price.  You may not look at this matter very seriously, but I have seen a lot of highly placed ladies who continue to hide their faces if any of such women customers happen to breeze into their office.
Why all this for goodness sake?  Does it mean that if one does not wear an expensive dress she is not recognized in the society?
In one of the Shakespeare novels to be precise we saw how a clown dresses and for sure he made us to understand that the dress he puts in does not automatically make him a fool.
Yes I buy this version since he earns his living by entertaining people?  I don’t see any thing wrong in any human being who wears a very neat and smart dress not necessary an expensive one though.
Let us try as much as possible to curtail our unnecessary spending habit in this time of austerity, so that diversity by spending wisely.