When the political campaign was flag-off in line with the INEC guidelines, one would have thought that the political campaign would focus on ideologies and the achievements to persuade and coerce people to support the respective political party’s candidates.
Rather, the political gladiators have been engrossed in political jamboree of abuses, finding faults on frivolous issues that do not entice and trigger people’s interest of taking pro-active decisions to support any particular political party and or their candidature.
Before then, like Nigerians’ acclaimed smart way of doing things, some political parties were already seen to have been involved in campaigning in ceremonies and sometimes during project commissioning, before INEC released the campaign timetable, and we all watched helplessly with pretence because it is a Nigerian thing.
People have had to embark on campaigns outside the prescriptions of the Electoral Act which spells out the grand rules. Even President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party did not act differently.
Very recently our electronic and print media were bombarded with screaming headlines to the effect that the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) WAEC certificate was not attached to his INEC registration form and it was tagged as political fraud.
Again, the world leaders watched with condemnation of our un-seriousness and ineptitude in handling and managing issues in the mist of the overwhelming insecurity swallowing the fragile democracy and the unity of the country, and also the rapidly dwindling oil price which is the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy.
It goes to show that the purported certificate saga exemplified Nigerians’ mentality in managing situations, which is why about 200 Chibok Girls are still missing and nobody is saying anything about it.
There were cries of wolf everywhere in the country by many respected personalities in all professions for confirmation from the military headquarters to answer queries in regards to the said certificate saga.
Surprisingly, the Nigerian Army known to be the highest disciplinary institution became the political punching bag. Instead of the military headquarters shunning the propagandists, to go else where for their selfish interest, was enmeshed in political mood string, as if it is now an accredited certificate issuing institution.
This purported certificate saga was suspected in some quarters as an attempt in trying to reopen the old prejudice that Northerners are largely uneducated or without certificates, but occupying high profile places in the economy.
During this episode, we saw very many high and low respected personalities in the country writing in the media and speaking at various public fora on this murky issue of the WAEC certificate verification of a man whom we all know to have contested for the same position thrice and this one being the forth time.
A man of high precision who has since paid his due for the Nigerian’s that is been we are celebrated today.
If not the society that has degenerated to the very low ebb, where elders are no longer respected, such a personality like General Muhammadu Buhari needs our utmost respect in whatever guise judging by his antecedent for the nation (Former Head of State).
Gladly, the general himself has brought the matter to a permanent and complete rest. However, the doubting Thomas may still want to go extra mile to question further on the authenticity of the claim.
Of course, we are in a democratic dispensation that permits such an action, and it is allowed.
According to the Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but did not lay bare disrespect for elder statesmen who have exhibited total diplomacy and selfless service to the nation during his public service years.
Also, the journalists were juxtaposed on the issue, instead of being involved in the investigative and agenda setting journalism practice were seen to have been indulged in following the crowd.
If not the serious decay in the system, such a man adjudged to some extent as exemplary high ranking retired general in the Nigerian army deserves high degree of utmost respect and will not stoop so low to compromise with the WAEC certificate saga.
Nigeria is going to be 55 years old by October, 2015 and is still struggling with the leadership problem. This is the greatest enemy of the country and may God help us.