Lagos – A Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Modupe Idris, has urged computer operators to use eye glasses with anti-reflective coating to prevent excessive light into the eyes.
Idris, who is a lecturer at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, made the call in an interview with newsmen  in Lagos.
“For the computer, it is not sun glasses that you will use, on your glasses or whatever you are wearing, you incorporate what is called anti-reflective coating.
“Because, if you are using sun glasses, it is dark, something might not be very clear to you.
“All what the anti-reflective coating will do is just to reflect excessive rays of light from getting into your eyes.
“Because, we have what we call computer vision syndrome.
“Computer vision syndrome is common in people that use computer for like six to eight hours on daily basis, long stretch.
“Because, when they are on the system, they get carried away and they stare without blinking. Now, if you do not blink for few seconds, the outer most part of the eye gets dry.
“So, when it gets dry, that outer most part of the eye, because it has lots of nerve fibres, it gives sensation of pain.
“And when you blink, there is a thin film of tears that moves up and down to help to wet that part.
“So, if you do not blink, definitely, you keep on having pain and the vision gets blurred.
“So, with the anti-reflective coating it also helps to reflect excessive rays of light from getting into your eyes and preventing what you call this computer vision syndrome.“
In his remark, an optometrist, Dr Chima Agodi, called for increased sensitisation on the significance of regular eye-examination to prevent visual impairment and blindness.
Agodi, who works with the MeCure Eye Centre, Oshodi, said that visual impairment constituted a major public health problem not only to the individual, but also to the society.
“Visual impairment represents any kind of vision loss and it can erode the quality of life of a person.
“Getting regular eye-examination will prevent blindness.
“If a visual problem is suspected, you should visit a doctor to detect and diagnose eye diseases.”
Agodi also stressed the need for children to go for eye-examination being part of the normal vision development.