EDO state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Lucky James has urged PDP to tell the people what it has done to merit another tenure rather than engaging in character assassination. He cautioned politicians to play the politics of issues rather than campaign of calumny.
Against the backdrop of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) call to disqualify the presidential standard bearer of All Progressives Congress (APC), Mohammadu Buhari on account of his certificate saga, said it was uncalled for.
According to the commissioner: “Can we be talking about certificate of a man, who has been a former head of state. He has pointed out some of his classmates. Is that what they should be talking about now? They should tell us what they have done to be reelected again and not certificate issue. This is the third time he is contesting, why is it that it is now they are talking about certificate. The three times he contested, they knew they had every means to rig election that was why they did not bother. But now when they know they cannot do that again,  they are talking about certificate to prevent him from winning because they know he can beat them now. We should not bring in ethnic and religion sentiment now, where a candidate comes from or his religion should not be the issue”
“There is no light, the economy is worse off than before, nothing to show for all years of PDP at the centre. So, what has they to show for 16 years in office?” he asked rhetorically.
He noted that over the years APC has been ably led by men who has done so well. “That is why the party will excel in this coming election. People will not want to do away with a performing governor like Adams Oshiomhole. The leadership of PDP has failed. It is all over for them”, he summed.

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