In his reaction, Jim Ogbeide, a political analyst, said he carefully watched the president’s lips and listened to his speech, but was disappointed to hear from the No. 1 citizen that he was not consulted on the polls shift.
“Mr. President was economical with truth when he said Jega did not consult him before shifting the dates of elections. He should have been bold enough to tell the world that he actually ordered it.” He declared.
Events leading to the postponement indicate that the presidency was involved. It was at the Chatham House in London, that Colonel Sambo Dasuki, the National Security Adviser (NSA), first let out of the bag, the idea of a postponement of elections, based on the incomplete distribution of permanent voters cards (PVCs).”
“There was a huge wave of indignation rejecting the idea of a postponement across board, but it was to become clear that the maneuvering was central to the political survival of the PDP and the Jonathan administration. Not even repeated assurances from INEC, the election management body itself, would convince those who needed the postponement.
A columnist in the Vanguard Ishaq Modibbo Kawu noted that Nigerians saw what was unfolding before them clearly; the opposition’s campaign, but especially the nationwide appeal of APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, has gathered a remarkable momentum. Everything had been hurled at the man, from the kitchen sink to the vilest forms of propaganda. On the other hand, the PDP seemed to have lost steam, if it ever gathered any. It has promised an issues – based campaign, but it all narrowed down to demonizing the person of General Buhari. President Jonathan and his PDP strategists became Buhari’s most effective recruiting agents, because the more they hurled abuses and vile propaganda, the more popular their nemesis seemed to have become amongst voters, as results of several polls conducted even by President Jonathan’s supporters, were returning.
“The presidency and the PDP entered a panic mode and the campaign for the postponement of the elections by six weeks was retched up. It was the only lifeline! When the National council of state gathered its members read the national mood correctly; they refused to back the plan for election postponement. INEC stood its ground, insisting that it was better prepared for the 2015 elections, than the 2011 polls, which circles around President Jonathan always proudly cite as being free and fair.”
A prolific writer and columnist in the Observer and Vanguard, Josef Omorotioman compares the drama to what happened in IBB years when the ABN was deployed to scuttle the transition process of the time.
In his outing on Thursday this week, under title “The Looming Spirit of ABN” he wrote “We see the notorious Association For Better Nigeria, ABN, being re-enacted in the activities of unscrupulous advocates of poll shift. While the military administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida gave tacit support to the ABN led by Senator Arthur Nzeribe and Mr. Abimbola Davies, we have every reason to believe that the current advocates of election shift enjoy the blessing of the presidency and the PDP.”
For sure, the postponement gives the administration an opportunity to buy time. In the character of 1993, various aspects of the current elections are already in court. If the court succumbs to manipulations as it did in 1993, then, Nigeria will be in for troubles.”
This is where we consider the stern warning of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed, during the recent inauguration of election Tribunals as timely and appropriate: “We must never again be used as tools to truncate our nation’s democracy. Any judge found wanting would only have himself or herself to blame as the National Judicial Council, NJC, will definitely not spare the rod in ensuring that the honour, respect and independence of the judiciary are protected.”
Joshua Imade, Human Rights Activist, told Weekend Observer that there is no way anybody, including the president will be allowed to experiment with Nigeria the way the IBB did in the 90s. “All eyes are on May 29. And it is refreshing the President has declared he would go to his village if he loses the election.”

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