Wife of multiple award-winning singer, 2Face Idibia, Annie, must be going through some tough and rough time having to ensure unity among the seven children of her husband. It is no news that 2Face is a father to seven kids from three different mothers.
In an interview recently, the Nollywood actress revealed that she does not pray any of her daughters marry a man like their father.
“It hasn’t been easy, I will not lie to you. I mean, you have kids with people, are you going to be their enemy? You have to have at least some civil relationship with them; you have to be very civil but God has been very faithful, and it’s still God all the way because it’s really not easy.
“I do not regret being with my husband but I would not want my daughter to be married to a man that has kids with other women, naturally.
“You know, it doesn’t make me love him less or feel like I don’t want to be here, I’m happy that I’m here, I don’t love him less, but I would not wish that for my daughter because even if the man is in, how about the other parties involved? But then, like I said, it’s key to be civil,” Annie said in the interview.
She also recalled how she suffered when her parents divorced when she was younger.
“It was so hard on us then. It’s not an experience I would want my kids to have to go through because when you’re used to being with two people and suddenly, you’re caught between who you’re going to live with or mummy takes you and you are left wondering why daddy didn’t. It is so emotional.
“My mum is a very strong woman, she scaled through it. My mum was a full housewife when she was with my dad, but after the divorce she had to work to take care of her 4 kids, and we all had to do minor jobs to help out.
“Maybe if I didn’t go through that I wouldn’t understand the pains of divorce and how it would affect the children. At the same time, I’ve learnt that life is not a bed of roses. That experience has made me more focused and stronger. It’s made me the woman that I am and a better mother to my kids. Then, it makes me bent on ensuring that my marriage works too so my children won’t have to go through divorce and all the pains associated with it,” she narrated.
Just like every other woman seeing the man she loves impregnating and having kids from different women, Annie too wasn’t left out. She felt the sharp pains of betrayal.
“My low moments with him were the first time I heard that other people were having his baby, the second should be when we both sat down and agreed to end the relationship. We realized it couldn’t work and decided to break up. That was after I had Isabella. His proposal was a high point; the way he went about it was special. And my wedding! I didn’t think we were going to end up together, and that’s the honest truth,” she said.However, if the talented actress and mother of two lovely girls would wish for one thing, she said, “I wish I was the mother of all his kids; the seven of them. But they are my kids; I just wish I was their biological mum. They’re awesome; you can’t help but love them. Everything else has made everything better.”