BENIN CITY – Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has decried the indiscriminate dumping of refuse into the drainage system saying a mobile court will be set up to prosecute anyone caught in the act.
Governor Oshiomhole disclosed this recently when he embarked on an inspection of on-going drainage project around Ewah road, Tony Iyamu at Upper Mission area and some roads rehabilitation in Benin City.
Oshiomhole said, “Inspite of the huge resources we are spending to make the environment safe. We still have people who have refused to change their old habits.
He said, “For me, it borders on wickedness for people to carry waste, dump them with the aim of blocking the drainage and when the drainage is blocked, water flows into people’s home, they end up crying and calling on government to intervene.
“I will get the Commissioner of Environment to liaise with the Ministry of Justice to set up a mobile court around this area and anyone who dumps refuse in to the drainage to block the free flow of water will be arrested, prosecuted and if found guilty will be sent to jail.
“We have to send some people to prison. Unless people go to Oko Prison, they won’t know the gravity of their offences. It is better we jail few persons and secure the lives of the majority”.
Oshiomhole said, “We spent billions of naira reconstructing this new drains all over so that comprehensive drainage system is restored and then you still have people with negative attitude. In fact, I can’t imagine how human beings will resort to this kind of practices. Everywhere we go, that is what we see. People are happy that you are doing the drainage, but as soon as they are completed, the same people are compromising it.
Governor Oshiomhole however promised to sustain the on-going drainage project adding that all the parts that have been done will be protected.
Oshiomhole was also at the Ewah road drainage project site where he directed the construction company; Levant Construction Limited to extend the project by 10meters to completely take the erosion down to Ikpoba River.
Governor Oshiomhole also inspected the 2nd East circular Road re-construction and Salami Street at Upper Mission Area amongst others.
In an interview, Chairman, Elders Council, Ikpoba Community, Pa Otasowie said, “Initially, there was no drainage here. The whole place was rubber plantation. We applied to previous government for over thirty years ago that there should be drainage system in this area.
“Our cry led to the construction of palliative measures through Setraco Construction Company. This temporary drainage was not strong enough to hold the flood from Okhoro, Medical, Upper Mission down to this area. Hence, whenever it rains, there was always a spill over as a result of the high velocity of the flood.
“Your Excellency, that is why today, you can see the havoc that flood has done to the people in this community. When you commenced the work to reconstruct this former drainage, many people thought it was a political statement associated with previous government of PDP.
“Today, we are happy that the work which is more than 70% completed will give us the full confidence to sleep with our two eyes closed”, he said.