Anarchy is looming in the air! I foresee some unpatriotic elements taking Nigeria and Nigerians back to the era of the late 60s (1968-1970) when brother mouled down brother, when brother took arms against brother over sheer political gains.These blood thirsty tribal jingoists are never tired of sheeding innocent blood for selfish political gains. Yes, innocent blood because when the bubble bursts, their children and immediate family members are never there to face the heat. They hop into any available flight and flee to take refuge abroad, in the comfort zone of the whiteman, leaving the poor to bear the brunt! The self styled war lord who led us to a 30-month sensenless civil war where millions of innocent souls perished abandoned his people and fled abroad at the heat of the bloodbath only to return with his immediate family members amidst cheers from his poor and indoctrinated kinsmen. In no time, lobbists went into work and pronto, he was granted state pardon, all sins forgiven by the state and the bloodied hands washed clean! Sad enough, we are at the brink of another war, except God intervens and tourches the hearts of those beating the war drums. These war drums are laud enough for the deaf to hear. It is frightening.
Make no mistake, for I am not a prophet of doom, rather, I am only expressing my fears based on some unpleasant comments from certain quarters coupled with the seeming helplessness or perhaps the criminal silence from the nation’s security agencies. Not even the police and the DSS have said anything in the face of this brazen threats to the oneness of this great country. More worrisome is the platform used to make this inciting and provocative comments threatening the very foundation of our existence as a nation. Some former Niger Delta warlords were said to have met in the Government House in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State with the state governor, Serieke Dickson providing all the necessary support and logistics. Notable among them were Mujahid Asari Dokubo, Victor Ben Ebikabowei otherwise known as Boy Loaf and Government Epkudomenwei aka Tompolo. Special Adviser to Mr President on Niger Delta, Kinsley Kuku and the President General of Ijaw Youth Council,Udengs Eradiri were also at the meeting. Hear Dokubo:” For every Goliath, God created a David. For every Pharaoh, there is a Moses. We are going to war. Everyone of you should go and fortify himself”. This is treason pure and simple!
No doubt, these guys have made themselves the David and Moses of their people. I must say that this is a very faulty analogy and reference to the Good Book. Because, as a Nigetian and to the best of my knowledge, no section of this country is being oppressed or descriminated against. If at all there is any, it is the war ravaged North Eastern flank of the country that should complain. We have a federal government which they voted for four years ago, yet, could not protect their lives and properties as they are being killed daily and their properties destroyed by the insurgents with their foreign collaborators. Worst still, their teenage daughters taken hostage for about 10 months now without any clue of their whereabouts. In all sincerity, I think they should be the ones in search of a David and a Moses and not the Niger Deltans who have got a reigning king and queen in Aso rock for about six years. He is there at their beck and call, ministering to their needs. I must say that these warmongers do not love Jonathan and their people . They only want to drag the hapless people through the bloody and famished road Ojukwu and Effiong took the Igbo in 30 months.
The governor was said to have presided over the meeting himslf, yet he could not moderate or check the inciting uttrances of these anarchists. Aside this, the presence of one of the president’s main men, Kinsley Kuku at the meeting speaks volume. The presidency and the security agencies cannot claim ignorance of the meeting and the agenda. unfortunately, despite the dust raised by the Bayelsa meeting, Tompolo and Dokubo are not remorseful as they are still talking tough, apparently buoyed by the silence of the presidency and the security agencies. The feable response from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP is neither here nor there. Hear Tompolo again as he brazingly restated his stand and that of his co warmongers: “Gen Danjuma and his cohorts should know that I remain resolute on my position in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, that Predident Goodluck Jonathan must win this election for Nigetia to continue to stay together”. What can be more reasonable than this? Sad enough, these guys are are still walking around as free men. They remain untouchable. Instead of sitting in the comfort of government house in Yenagoa issuing threats, these warmongers should use their energy and resources, go to the field and campaign for Jonathan. Nigerians will not give in to any threat from them. Heaven helps those who help themselves., nomore manners from heavens and no section of the country has monopoly of bad boys. They are everywhere ready to be used but no one can predict the end. What other evidence does the security agencies need to move against Tompolo and his co travellers? But they will do nothing and say nothing because he who “pays “ the piper dictates the tune!.
Jonathan should not allow history to record him as the president whose tenure Nigeria ceases to exist as one united entity. He should rein in his ‘boys’ before the bubble bursts because Nigeria cannot afford another civil war. No nation fights civil war twice and come out of it as one entity. God has been so kind to Jonathan. Perhaps, he is the luckiest Nigerian dead or living who has benefited so much from democratic governance. From a mere university lecturer, Jonathan has occupied virtually all the exalted executive offices any politicians can wish of in the land.From deputy governor to governor of his Bayelsa state. From governor to the presidency where he was vice president for two years and president for another two years all through the hand of God. By popular choice, he was elected president for four years, perharps, that was the only time he ever campaigned vigorously for votes from the people. And now he is fighting a political battle of his life! He has never had it so tough, It is no tea party. Jonathan is facing a formidable opposition for the first time in his political career. A legion of sharks who want him out of Also Rock through the ballot. They believe he has over stayed his welcome. But he is not giving anything to chance as he seeks to be president for another for years if only God and Nigerians permit.I must say that Mr President has not breached the constitution by his quest to be president for another four years. Again, if God and Nigerians permit, he would have been in the presidency for 12 years. Vice president for two years and president for 10 years.

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