We have carefully perused, analyzed and considered the three editions of a so called local Magazine recently published and widely circulated in the months of January, February and March respectively against Dr. (Mrs.) Philippa Omamhe Idogho, the Rector of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi. The authorship is traceable to her fellow kinsman and hireling who as I speak now, has gone into hiding for allowing himself become a condemnable pun in the recent campaign of calumny, sabotage and peddling of diabolical falsehood. The author and his accomplices took counsel in a fragile alliance of conspiracy to unleash a diminutive onslaught channeled through a systematic status degradation ritual. By divine twist of fate however, their devious ploy of incitement against the Rector and Federal Republic of Nigeria, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He that God has blessed, no, man can, curse. Their tendentious malignment of Madam Rector has reinforced solidarity, sympathy, trust, and confidence, mass and massive support in favour of the graceful Amazon; an eloquent, very articulate, highly focused, charismatic, pragmatic, ebullient, efficient and effective administrative colossus. The prurient graffiti from a treacherous pen has conscientized curious minds into realizing her transformation agenda that inevitably dwarfed the achievement of all her predecessors knotted together. Right from rector’s lodge to staff quarters, staff offices and classrooms, Auchi polytechnic that was in slums, ghetto and squalor has suddenly transformed under her administration into a Cinderella world of beauty and unimaginable splendor; the Eldorado of a new Nigeria Nation. The myriad of questions plaguing   the dregs and cream of society alike are: what did her predecessors do with this kind of financial windfall in Auchi Polytechnic over the years? In Dr. (Mrs.) Idogho’s administration, overnight, we see monumental growth and development of infrastructures; simultaneously taking place in ONE! TWO!! THREE unprecedented campuses. Not stopping there, the construction   of inter-connecting access road network within campuses stretching between Auchi-Ibie to Aviele axis; zooming out in Iyekhe Girls Grammar School gate like a Holy Cross. AMAZING! This has no doubt enhanced socio-economic growth amongst these neighbouring communities. Public expectation goes beyond destructive criticism for which, if sharia laws were to be evoked, that crooked hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob would have suffered outright amputation.

Through dint of hardwork rather than indolence, Dr. (Mrs.) Idogho has won the admiration and secured trust and confidence from her teaming population of followers. Why will she be submissive to the whims and caprices of some crass journalists whose antecedents show nothing but cheap blackmail and yellow junk journalism. At a rush to read the deluge of voluminous verbiage, one would have thought they had something to offer. But from close scrutiny and surgical analysis what do we see? Emptiness! Pollution from bastardization of language, porosity of diction and negativistic narrow minded throwbackisms. In simplicita, there is no vestige of truth but a shameless exhibition of the disease called ignorance. Journalist must constantly update not be outdated. In fact, the entire piece is vexatious, malicious, frivolous, unsubstantiated, therefore, lacking merit and nothing but best suited for the garbage trash bin. Falsehood can only triumph where ignorance is bliss.

The thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy. When I saw infested arrows drunken with blood of innocent men flying past aimlessly in every direction; sparing, not even the Nigeria Bar Association, EFCC, ICPC, A.I.G, Union activists, Lecturers, NBTE, Governing council et cetera, I felt in my spirit that a group of lunatics were at work. Mr. Felix Afekhume James Aidodion is the owner of Afesco Int. Nigeria Ltd. I don’t think he has ever done any contract awarded in madam Rector’s tenure. The name Afesco Int. Nigeria Ltd, came into purview in the time of Sir Louis Akagbosu of blessed memory; when the same FelixAfekhume consented and authorized one Mr. Johnny Osagiede to use his registered company’s name Afesco Int. Nigeria Ltd and letter head paper to procure and execute contracts. He even gave a well documented authorization that Auchi Polytechnic should recognize and deal with Johnny Osagiede as a director of Afesco Int. Nig. Ltd, because he is the bona fide owner and executor of the contract. Since administration is a continuum, it behoovesthe RectorDr. (Mrs.) Phillipa Omamhe Idogho to pay Afesco Int. Nigeria Ltd. the sum owed. It is pertinent to note at this juncture that right now the duo of Osagiede and Felix are still in court, to drterminewho claims the balance payment from the polytechnic.. Why will Felix be shouting “wolf”, where none existed. God save us from men who in the fit of mental brouhaha can kill, imagine figures and misdirect the public.

“In the advent of war truth is the first casualty.” This was made manifest in the unrestrained flow of lies told by the author and his collaborators. The erroneous impression deeply etched in the hearts of men have proved unacceptable, and therefore eroded and repudiated, largely from inability to convince the Nigeria citizenry with foreign pictures in spurious allegations of such magnitude. This author of bad prose is considered a seriously unserious rumour monger who has never crossed over the boundaries of his native soil except indulgence in fairy tales of somebody building the best hospital in Malaysia, 5 star hotel in Dubai and having houses all over South Africa and Nigeria. What a comedian?

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The man of the moment, Dr Nelson Idogho is reputed for diligence discipline, transparency, integrity, honesty, hardwork and purity of heart. He is a self made man, a first generation renowned medical practitioner in Etsako land. He started investing in building at his youthful age. The Idogho Estate in Water Board Quarters, Auchi that has provided shelter and succor to numerous families and was first of its kind and established in 1985 existed more than two decades before the wife became Rector. The fact remains that he built the hospital opposite PHCN office, twelve years before madam Rector’s assumption of office. It is ridiculous for anyone to display local pictures of his residence in Ivioghe-Agenebode which I am aware hosted hundreds of thousand admirers, friends, and well-wishers when he was made a chief in the year 2000. Dr. Nelson Idogho is a celebrity who today is the GRAND KNIGHT of all KNIGHTS in Etsako land. As you can see, Dr. Nelson Idogho humbles himself to a fault, too full of the milk of human kindness that even all the angels of heaven rise up to say this is a man. He never blows his trumpet because only pigmies need a platform. Dr Nelson Idogho has for long been familiar with the volatile terrain of Auchi Polytechnic and therefore determined right from the emergence of his wife in office, never to interfere with affairs of Auchi polytechnic. He minds his business and has no involvement with any form of contract in Auchi polytechnic or elsewhere. He is too busy with his humanitarian call to save lives and to him, any contract is a distraction and so, he did none.

It beats any human imagination why this author would falsely accuse madam Rector and her husband over ownership of FALZAL Security and Guard Company Ltd. As a stakeholder, renowned activist and social critic, eldest Auchi Polytechnic chapter chairman of ASUP, veteran Unionist and priest of the most high God; let me state in categorical terms that FALZAL Security and Guard outfit was founded by Major Francis Alimikhena (Rtd.) who got the mandate to secure lives and properties in the polytechnic. It was in the wake of glaring flaws of the former security outfit guarding the Polytechnic when they could not offer meaningful resistance to armed robbers invasion of the bursary division of the polytechnic that the baton transferred to Falzal security outfit. Kudos to Major Francis Alimiikhena (Rtd) whose military tactics has used FALZAL Security and Guard outfit to usher-in the ambience of peace, stability and beauty.

When the wicked fowl troubles an innocent twine, neither the rope nor the bird will have peace, both will keep rocking and dangling. It is glaring that the author is angry because he has nothing to flavour his sensationalism in journalism. It is quite obvious that the author has penchant for tearing down to pieces any AFENMAI administrative luminary at the door step of victory. Leaders who fall prey to his venomous pen are the hallowed few who have sworn “NO” to greasing any man’s insatiable greed. From the author’s crude, unconventional and despicable antics, people are beginning to doubt his competence as a trained journalist: always negotiating to trade his original manuscript for a ransom. Charlatans, miscreants, mischief makers, societal misfits, never-do-wells, villains, extortionists, lunatics and cowards shouldn’t be found in journalistic circle. Journalism, as we know, is a respectable noble profession. Pitiably, having misfired, this man who abused the privilege of an endangered trade is now in hiding like a disinherited destitute coming home in the cover of cold night, darker than darkness. Indeed, the sinner man runneth when no man pursueth.

This is why, no force, however mighty, can destroy an idea whose time has come: and no tyranny. Of circumstance can perpetually imprison the unbridled will of the people. When Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Omhame Idogho emerged tops, beating professor and other five contestants (all males) during her rectorship interview, a dangerous maneuver was to sweep her letter of appointment under the carpet. But thanks to WIN (WOMEN IN NIGERIA) who cried out aloud on the ground of gender discrimination. The ASUP (ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF POLYTECHNICS) national body led by KIBIA of MUBI polytechnic also cried out that their members were been deprived, oppressed and witch-hunted. They threatened a nationwide strike if her letter was not released. This was how they quickly released her appointment letter duly approved and signed by late president YARADUA. Even in his grave, he smiles to concur. Since then, Madam Rector has proved her mettle by raising Auchi Polytechnic to enviable heights: coming out best in Nigeria, second best in Africa and among the best eleven in the whole world. Records have it that all the female rectors that served their first tenure were all given automatic second term including our amiable Rector Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Omhame Idogho. So it is clear that Hon. Ogiadomhe as opposed to the author’s insinuation in a 3rd Edition, played no role in all this. Let’s be proud of what we have.