Yes, to lead means service, commitment, loyalty, dedication competence, vision and above all, transparency. Good political leadership whether at the local, state r national level entails sacrifice, protection of lives and property of the entire citizenry. It is sacrifice for the people whether political, religious or otherwise, it is meant to address basic fundan’.entals objectives or goals of any given modern nation; developed or developing. L is not glamour alone, it is tasking and it involves mental alertness.
At a point in American history, the Americans needed an extra ordinary leader or president who would pull them through in the ‘quest for a national government after the American wars of independence. And General Washington was regarded as the country outstanding citizen because of his integrity and his military prowess or leadership during the American wars. Washington was unanimously chosen as president April 30 1789, after series of constitutional conferences to establish the American union.
Again, at a point, Wilson Churchill a War Veteran led Great Britain at the critical period during the Second World War against the German machines in collaboration wit the other allied forces.
Today, somebody says, “Nigerians are at a cross road to vote in the right president who is to occupy Aso Rock comes May 29th 2015 . Are we really at a cross road? One would ask. Absolutely no. To say we do not perceive what is good for us at this critical moment is national absurdity. Ethnicity or religious bigotry this time around should be cast into the thrash can. Primordial sentiments, this presidential election should be ignored. If in the previous elections, the electorate had been bamboozled or fooled or cajoled into voting for ethnicity, or religious sentiment or stomach infrastructure, this time around, the error should not be repeated again. It should be corrected.
A Nigerian of any nationality or religious or geopolitical zones imbue with the quality to fix power or electricity essential for cottage and allied industries is needed in this election.
Too, a Nigerian is sorted for who would check mate the colossus or monster called corruption that has put pains on the faces of Nigerian people who are suffering in the midst of plenty, dwindling educational sector, health facilities with medical doctors on strikes every day, and decay infrastructure.
Nigerians need a leader or president, who would halt the plundering of the common wealth, oil theft and other social vices. The electorate looks for a president who would revise the current mono-economy, expand agricultural opportunities for jobs creation, making it attractive to Nigerian youths. A president who would open up the mining industry, focus on Ajeokuta once again to create jobs opportunities for Nigerians graduate youths; 300-000-400,000 jobs.
A president that would be courageous enough and makes the Nigerians Army a proud one, once again as it is provided with adequate arms to check mate the menace of Boko-Haram insurgence. A leader who would address workers’ plight and the case of pensioners who once served this great country but are now allowed to suffer in penury and unable to take care of their basic health bills. A president who would put a welfare scheme in place for Nigerian under privileged is needed. A man or leader who would restore discipline to governance once more, accountability, due process, rather than the current impunity of doing things.
A leader, a one time military Head of State, a one time military governor of the then North Eastern state, a one time Petroleum Minister, who built Warn and Kaduna refineries and in his time, refined petroleum products which were exported daily. But today, some of the refineries are in comatose and billions spent on importation. A one time PTF chairman but refused to makes wealth or have foreign accounts in billions. In fact, this time around, the cap really fits Rtd Gen. Muhammed Buhari. This rare Nigerian leader is needed urgently to ameliorate the plight of Nigerians.
Till date, there is a regret of the Nigerian electorate for not voting for the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, so that all his ideas and vision of good governance were allowed at the Federal tier. This may be the last opportunity for Gen. Buhari to seek for Nigerians votes. And you must vote wisely for a change, for integrity, for accountability, for employment of youths and above all, for adequate security of Nigerians. Wishing Nigerians a blissful election in Jesus name. Amen.

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