NIGERIA is the most populous black in the world with over more than 100,000 populations. The variety of customs, languages, and traditions among Nigeria’s 389 ethnic groups give the country 9 cultural diversity. Before deliberating other issue on ground, Nigeria is a landscape that is endowed with natural resources, environmental to human, intellectual resources.
Obafemi Awolowo during his time encourage every single Nigeria to embrace education by declaring free education to all Nigerian student from primary to secondary. He was the first President to do such a thing for the Nigeria student. In his time, he made sure illiteracy was totally eradicated without living his foot print on the life of the citizens.
During his time Nigerians were encourage to go to school in order for them to hold key positions in the state (country).
After his tenure the development of education became crippled or will I say, there was now decadence in the educational system of the country. Mind you, education is the best legacy a nation can ever bequeath to his citizenry if they must record development in every facet of the economy. Now if Nigeria is not able to give his citizens the due and right education they deserve, there is no cause for alarm, stagnation is inevitable. The big question now is who bears the burden? Can we attribute it to the government, parents, environment and students? Let see…
The parents in general are one of the factors that have increased the poor standard of education in the country due to their lackadaisical attitude toward the upbringing of their children. Most parents prefer their business to their children’s education. They never care to go through their children’s note book when they (children) return back from school even visiting the school their child is attending in order to know how well the child is doing in terms of grasping what is being taught in class, they never care. Parents have failed in general, most parents don’t buy text books for their children, they don’t encourage their children to read their books after school hour. They encourage the incapability of their children through buying of home video for them to watch from morning to night. How do you expect this young Nigerians that are engulf with home video watching to be able to perform up to optimal in their various schools? The parents should recognize their role and responsibility in bringing up of their children in terms of educational development.
Primary school is another factor that has lead to the poor standard of education in the country. Beside that primary schools is the genesis of every other educational level in the country and if it is not well erected there is bound to be problem in the future. Just like the saying goes when the foundation of a building is not well erected, there is the tendency of an imminent collapse. From this analysis the issue of poor standard education in the country started from the primary schools. The children are not well catered for by the teachers, most especially in our government schools where majority of the teachers are so lazy. Most of this teachers don’t even come to class to teach the students at the end they are being paid by the government. Most of this teachers capitalize on “government work you don’t put it on your head, you put it on your shoulders when it is too heavy, you can easily throw it down.” the teachers also are not interested in this children base on where the school is located. It may be in a remote village which they (teachers) may have to trek several miles before getting to the school. When the students are not well catering for from the foundation, they (children) tend to transfer their idiosyncrasies and little knowledge they have gotten to the higher institutions. Even in the higher institution, they are not able to perform up to optimal that is why you see series of misconduct in the exam hall. This students have no choice but to involve themselves in examination malpractice in order for them to go to the next level.
Our higher institutions is filled with nefarious activities such as cultism, raping and other vices. This has contributed greatly to the poor standard of education in the country. Our student or majority of the students belong to one cult or the other, they don’t attend classes. In our higher institutions, there had been series of fight between different cult members that led to lost of innocent lives. Our girls are sexually abuse by the male counter  students partner in the institution, series of rape cases are occurring in our institution day by day. Our institution has become the pivotal of poor standard of education in the country. Thereby producing half bake graduate which will later increase the tide of unemployment in the society.
Insurgency in the country is another factor that has led or increases the poor standard of education the country. Most people have been displaced by the dare devils let loose from hell (Boko Haram) ever since it emergence. We had series of cases of bombing of churches, schools, markets, and others. Education cannot take place where there is fighting, killing, bombing, in fact where there is anarchy (lawlessness). This killing and bombing over the years have also contributed to the low standard of education in the country, it has crippled the educational development in the country and also, it has cause a stir in the heart of the ever faithful citizenry. Just like the saying goes “you don’t sit down to play when your house is on fire.” From the analysis, you don’t sit down to learn when you know very well that your house is on fire or is not stable. Many residents of the northern part of the country have move down to the south, west, and eastern part because of insurgency.
The government is another factor that has led to the poor standard of education in the country, .the government has failed in terms of providing infrastructure facilities that can help to enhance leanings in our institutions.
How do you expect lectures or teachers to carry out their duties effectively? When all the necessary facilities that are needed are not available to be utilize.
The government has failed to provided quality education to his citizenry, drinking from the pool of history; you will discover that free education was provided for Nigerians by the then government. But now, the government doesn’t care whether it’s citizens are educated or not. The government doesn’t encourage the teachers to perform up to their intellectual capacity; they only think about themselves, they (the government) pay poor remuneration to teachers. Even in terms of tackling insurgency in the country, the governments are lackadaisical leaving this viper (Boko Haram) to feast on the blood of the innocent Nigerians.
The way out of this fast growing menace in our country, is for the parents to be properly oriented in terms of their child up bring and others. Also teachers should be encouraged by increasing their pay and the government should put more effort to sanitize our higher institutions in terms of providing infrastructural facilities, like good buildings, and others.
Also in our higher institutions, cultism should be shown and any form of violence should be avoided. There should also be equality in gender, being male or female.
Education is the foundation to a brighter future if we must have peace and progress in our country.