“A faithful man will be richly blessed and a man steady in character will enjoy many blessings- prov.28:20

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The King James Version says, “He will abound.. – “. To abound does not necessarily mean ‘to increase’, but ‘to keep multiplying in jour increase’. ‘To abound in something’ means ‘to keep growing, increasing, expanding, and to continually extend your coast until you don’t have room enough to contain what you are receiving. How we all long for this to be said about us!
The Bible makes it dear in this passage that the ‘abounding blessings’ belong only to faithful Christians (those who faithfully satisfy the right conditions); and not all Christians. Now what exactly are these ‘right conditions’? One of them is your attitude towards Prayer – that is, your prayer life.
A prayerful Christian cannot be caught napping (sleeping) spiritually because he is always in warfare. Praying in itself stimulates the spirit of a Christian. It deepens his communion with God and increases his faith. Praying opens the Christian up to the activities of the Holy Spirit. A Christian who always desires to be with God and spend time studying the Bible but doesn’t pray will never arrive at the point of his expectation. This is because you cannot conform to the image of Christ without praying.
If you read through the entire volume of the Scriptures, you will find that one basic feature in the life of every man that God used is their communion with God, which they never took for granted.
What is your attitude as a Christian? Every time we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we always have two options: either go to God; or do some manipulations to get what we want. Many times, Christians choose to manipulate things to achieve their desired results. A faithful man is not necessarily the man who is least distracted. He is the man who in the midst of his distraction, maintains his steadfastness and prayerfully anticipated God’s manifestation.
Many of us have problems that have weighed us down for years; but until now, have not developed the right attitude towards it. Year after year you tell God your problem and leave, forgetting that you need to persevere in prayer.
Pray in faith and with a strong determination, and when you begin to develop such an attitude, after a while, you wouldn’t need to pray for such a long time before von see the results. Some of us are in the habit of spending only five minutes in prayer; due to other responsibilities, or mere laziness. This attitude is wrong The Bible says in 1 Timothy 2: 3, “Thou therefore endure hardness as a Soldier of Christ” One thing about a real Soldier is his ability to endure hardness. Until you arm.
Yourself with this attitude, you can never succeed as a Christian; because though praying is about the most difficult thing to do as a Christian, it is one of the most necessary things to do.
Hannah had a problem. She was barren and was tormented by her co-wife Peninnah. The Bible referred to Peninnah in 1 Samuel 1: 4-10 as her adversary The moment she took a decision to go to God in prayer, the anointing of God was released on her behalf.
There can be no release of the anointing without prayer. The anointing can be in a Christian and that same Christian will die from want. This is because, until you mix the anointing with intercession, it cannot be released. In the case of Christ, the Bible says that when He was anointed, He was driven into the wilderness to pray; First the Holy Spirit came upon Him, then the anointing rested on Him before He went to pray; so that, when He mixed the anointing with intercession, He returned with the power of the Spirit.
The reason why the lives of some Christians are void of fire and power is because the grace of God upon their lives is not mixed with intercession. The ministry of prayer and intercession is one that is open to all Christians because we are all called to pray. Some people say they don’t know how to pray and what to pray about; but scripture says, “Pray concerning all the promises of God” (Ezek. 36: 37; Deut. 28:1-14).
Luke 18:1 saying, “. . . men ought always to pray and not to faint’ Prayerful people are not fainting people. They don’t easily get discouraged, depressed, despondent or confused. And they don’t easily despair of any situation.
Rather, they are full of courage and enthusiasm, because when they pray, The Lord renews their strength and there is a hope that their desires will be fulfilled.
One way to possess
the blessings of God is by reminding God about each of them in prayer. The Bible says, “When you come into my presence, plead your case, bring me in remembrance” (Isaiah 43: 26). This does not mean that He has forgotten, He just wants you to ask.
Ask specific things (1 Corith. 14: 15).
If it is poverty that assails you, when you are praying, read all the blessings of God concerning your finances and say, “I release the anointing of God upon the spirit of poverty that is arrayed against me, and I destroy you until you depart from me  in the Name of Jesus!”  When you pray like this, you consistently release the anointing of God to work on your behalf.
The only thing God wants to hear is His will.
Pray by faith and in line with God’s will, it will surely come to pass, no matter how long it takes.