NIGERIA Football Federation Technical Committee head, Felix Anyansi has said Keshi lacks maturity and discipline following his comments in the media that he was offered a slave contract by the country’s football ruling body.
Keshi  whose contract has not been renewed after failing to qualify the country for the 2015 Africa Nations Cup revealed that he was far from impressed with what was on offer, adding that the NFF are liars for misinforming Nigerians on his position as Eagles gaffer.
According to Anyansi, the ‘Big Boss’ should have directed his reservations about the new offer to the NFF instead of embarrassing the country or his potential employers in the media.
“The act of taking contractual matters to the media doesn’t show maturity and discipline from [Stephen] Keshi,” Anyansi told BBC Sport.
“Contracts are not signed on the pages of newspapers and his objections or concerns should be addressed to the federation and not to outsiders.
“Why insult your potential employers in the media if you plan to work with them. He should stop embarrassing and insulting the country in public, it’s the reason he has a lawyer who could speak to us.”
“The whole thing should not have been blown out of proportion. It’s the NFF employing Keshi and not the other way round, so if he’s not happy he can simply ‘walk away’,” he continued.
“The role is not his birth right, so he should stop acting like it’s him or no one else.
“He’s not going about it the right way. Keshi can’t employ those employing him, so if he’s not happy he should come back to us and we can look into it.
“Keshi has worked in other countries and he didn’t engage Togo and Mali in a media war, so if he has advisers then they should tell him the matured path to follow,”  he concluded.
Stephen Keshi was overlooked by the Burkina Faso federation in its search for a national team coach as Gernot Rohr was picked.