ABUJA – The Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Medicals, Mrs Grace Okudo, has said that the police had evolved a strategic health plan for its personnel.
Okudo said this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja.
She said the plan comprised promotive, preventive and curative health measures.
She said the plan was designed to deliver qualitative health care package to all the members of the force.
“We have health programmes that we are working with, based on the strategic plan we have already done; it is all encompassing.’’
She said that the force had embarked on series of sensitisation programmes to educate police officers on the importance of the package and other health matters in general.
She added that workshops on capacity enhancement on preventive and curative health measures were being organised for police officers in the country.
Okudo said that the force was also improving the quality of health care services for its members accessing health services in the police hospitals and clinics.
She said deliberate efforts were been made to provide more health facilities, especially in the barracks.
Okudo added that various health facilities had been upgraded to take care of the health challenges of officers.
She said assisting the police to take care of the health needs of the over 350,000 police men and women in the area of primary health needs would benefit Nigerians in general.
“With about 350,000 police men and women, if you factor with their dependents in the barracks and where they are, it is a large community.
“All the police posts, the stations, the divisions, if you factor them, you are looking at about 5 million Nigerians; if we are well assisted in the area of primary health care, Nigerians will benefit.’’