MANY books have been written about the key to success. There are many seminars held that teach these same principles. So why do people still not find the success they desire? Could it be there are other forces at work that prevent you from finding the success you so richly deserve?
Do you want to outwit the devil in your life?
The following question were designed to trigger consideration and reflection that may help identify the obstacles that may be holding you back.
In 1937, Napoleon Hill released his all time best selling book think and grow rich which out lined the thirteen principles of success. It was the result of over 20 years of research where hill interviewed the leaders of his time to synthesize a common philosophy of success.
What is your definition of success?
Has there been a time in your life when nothing could stop you or get in your way?
How did you overcome that?
What were the circumstances surrounding that time?
Written by Hill in 1938, hidden from the public until this year and only known to exist by a handful of individuals.
Out writing the devil.
Identifies and confronts life’s greatest obstacles fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy which stand in the way of success. The following question create a discussion around these obstacles.
Define some of the road block’s or temporary defeats. You have experienced on your road to success?
How do you over come those obstacles?
Has there been a time that you have been your own worst enemy?
Have you gotten in your own way?
Fear is often used to motivate people what impact does fear have on you?
Is it motivating or paralyzing?
Have you ever reacted to a situation and surprised yourself by your reaction not knowing where it came from.
Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something that you knew was good for you?
How did you justify it?
Have you ever felt your creativity squashed or stifled?
What got in your way?
In contrast have you ever had a “gut instinct”  that saved the day or kept you from making a mistake?
A long with identifying life’s greatest obstacles in “out writing the Devil”.
Napoleon Hill also reveals the seven principles that can help you conquer those obstacles and attain spiritual, physical and mental freedom.
The first of those principles hill defines is “definiteness of purpose”.
Do you know your purpose?
Do you share your purpose with others?
Another principle that hill defines is learning from advertsity can you identify a time you went through a life change?
Maybe it was a “wake-up call” a tap on the shoulder or a slap in the face.
If you could identify something that prevents you from creating the success you deserve would you deal with it and conquer it.
In 1938, Napoleon Hill wrote “outwitting. The Devil” as a sequel to think and Growrich. Despite his success as a published author outwritting the Devil was never released due to fears by his family that it was too controversial. While confrontational in nature, outwitting the Devil challenges element within politics, religion, public education as well as other societal issues that prevent people from reaching their greatest protential and provides solutions that are as relevant today as they were in 1938.
Are you ready to release yourself from fear and uncertainty?
“Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds”.
Napoleon Hill goes onion out writing the Devil to state that quite often mankind was put into self-made prisons through the two institutions that it prized the most religion and schools.
Moreover, he specifically addressed sexuality in a time where it was never disclosed. Incendiary comment at anytime but positively lethal at the time of his drafting out writing the devil the secret to freedom and success.
Given the topic one can easily see why the Hill family never wanted this manuscript to be published particularly after the wild success of think and crow rich.

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