Yoruba actress, Bose Arowosegbe has said that all women are prostitutes and not only actresses.
She insisted that women in other field sell their bodies to achieve certain aims.
According to her, her soon to be premiered movie, ‘Ta ni Asewo?’ (Who is a prostitute?), will show that there are more women of easy virtues in other profession than in the movie industry.
She disclosed this in a statement by her management team on Thursday in Lagos, PM News reports.
The actress explained that her movie will reveal what happens with other women in other sectors.
She added that through the film, people will know that actresses are more decent than other women out there.
Bose said: “What people don’t understand is that all women are prostitutes, not just actresses as they always insinuate.
“There are some other professions where prostitution is even more glaring, worse than those of us actresses that are being labelled prostitutes.
“If you take a look at other institutions, including banking, nursing and all that, you will find out that prostitution there is on the increase.
“But because actresses are in the limelight, people tend to say so many things about us.”
She urged the public to buy and watch the movie so they can see what is truly going on in other fields.
“They will know we actresses are more decent than women in the other fields,” she stated.
There have been different allegations laid against the Nollywood ladies. Many are of the opinion that most of them are prostitutes, who sleep with producers for movie role.
Sometime in 2014, Nollywood actor Emeka Ike had pointed accusing fingers at some Nollywood bigwigs for sleeping with actresses in exchange of roles.