ABUJA – Some workers have called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), to put its house in order to enable it to speak with one voice on issues concerning their welfare.
Those who spoke with newsmen in Abuja, described the threat to split the congress as a “disgrace and disappointment’’ to the country.
Mr. Frank Adewunmi, a civil servant, said it would be difficult for Nigerian workers to speak with one voice in the in-coming government if the threat materialised.
“I want the NLC to be seen as a good example for the politicians.
“Elections should not be a do-or-die affair; those who lost should abide by the outcome of the election and support the newly elected president.
“I do not know the man but I believe that he has genuine intentions for workers, and he has come out to say that he would fight for the review of the minimum wage.
“Initially, Federal Government promised that workers’ salaries would be reviewed upward every five years in line with current situation’’, Adewunmi said.
He stressed the need for unity in the congress for the workers to achieve a common goal.
Another worker, Mr. Emeka Uba, said the threat to factionalise NLC was a show of shame.
“NLC, over the years, has been a platform from which workers mount pressure or try to influence government in one way or the other.
“If NLC, the mouth piece of workers, can disappoint Nigerians this way with their infighting, then, on what platform will the workers stand in making agitations to the government.
“What moral justification does the NLC has now to convey or criticise ills of the society, especially in the forthcoming general elections?