YOU hear a lot about living a healthy life style enough that the phrase “healthy lifestyle” may be one we’d like to permanently live on. The market place where the buying and selling activities takes place that is suppose to be kept as clean as possible is not. The Oba Market at Ring Road is an example of unhealthy atmosphere. When you go through Umeh Street at Ring Road Market, the place is a complete disaster with dirt, refuse and bad smell. Even Uselu market at Ugbowo is not an exception. These are places that should be kept clean at all times.
The case of fruit and food stuffs, because of the dirty environment where they are being purchased, they should be properly washed and  cooked to kill the germs that have infected the stuffs, germs that cannot be seen with the optical eyes and are very harmful to the human health but these germs could only be killed with hot temperature. It is advisable that we boil our meat for at least 30 minutes before cooking with it, to eliminate the germs and bacteria in it.
The problem is, many Nigerians have died from sickness such as cholera, malaria, typhoid and the rest, because of the dirty environment that they live in poverty has got nothing to do with this life style.
When you go around our city today you see that almost every corner, street, junction has become a place where people dump their refuse and the waste materials in their houses.
There are 20 steps on how everybody can contribute to a clean and healthy environment.
·    Don’t throw trash!
Don’t throw it into the street, on the road, if you throw trash away, it doesn’t go away ever, trash comes back in so many ways and none of them good.
·    Sort your trash!
In the clean world everything used is sorted and that’s how we reduce trash. It is one of the best way to re-resource as a valuable source of new resources.
·    Don’t throw anything away. Anything when something is broken, try to fix it – ! If you can’t then recycle it!
If you don’t need something, think of a new use for it or give it to somebody when might need it. Everything that you may o longer require could be valuable else where. Think before you dispose.
·    Don’t burn trash!
Burning trash seems an easy option. However, when you burn trash, it returns many toxins to the environment. Look re-cycling the trash. Don’t burn it!
·    Compost food leftovers!
Food leftovers should not be thrown away, but composted.
In the clean world there is compost left to every house for every community.
·    Consume only as much as your early need to!
In the clean world, people regard consumption as the last resort. Repair as much as possible, don’t let fashion and technology affect your opinions.
·    Avoid using disposable product that generates trash! Glass bottles filled with drinks really are environmentally better. Instead of plastic bags, used bags made of fabric. Products are consumed more reasonably in the clean world.
·    Buy trash free products!
Avoid products that are excessively packaged. Choose to buy durable products that will last. In the clean world there are totally recyclable products.
·    Support environmental friendly legislation and actions vote for laws that support environmentally friendly produced goods, from farmers market or directly from the producer. Cut out the marketing and packaging. In the clean world we buy responsibly.
·    Co-operate with others by suggesting alternative! Be yourself but make sure your friends can see your example. In the clean world everyday is responsible. Be different by making your friends enjoy the clean world.