BENIN CITY – Members of the service delivery group of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Edo State, have been admonished to propagate the efficient service delivery among government Ministries, Departments and Agencies as led by SERVICOM.
President of Service Delivery Group, Miss. Edoge Orellaoghene gave the charge recently at an interactive session organized by NYSC SERVICOM Group for youth corp members serving in Edo State.
Miss Edoge told the corp members to be serious with their community development activities and assured that the SERVICOM interactive session was one of the many capacity building initiatives earmarked for members of the group.
She urged members to make good use of the opportunity to enhance their knowledge to help in community development service.
Coordinator of SERVICOM in Edo NYSC Mrs. Adiki said that the primary purpose of government is to improve quality of life of citizens, and to do this, ministries, departments and Agencies (MDAs) are established to provide services to the people, for the public institutions have a social obligation to render services and therefore, have legitimate expectation to be provided with good services without a commercial motive.
Adiki said, regrettably, Nigerians have for too long been short – charge by the quality of public service delivery by which decision are made with undue influence, and files do not move without being pushed with inducements.
According to her, former president Olusegun Obasanjo in a speech in June 2003 stated that “over public offices have for too long been showcased for the combined evils of inefficiency and corruption, whilst being impediments to effective implementation of government policies,” adding that Nigerians deserve better deal from leaders.
She further noted that in December 2003, a team of experts were commissioned to review the state of service Delivery in Nigeria and example institutional environment for service delivery after which people’s views and experiences were reflected on and it brought about the drawing  of a road map for a more efficient service delivery.
She said that members of the service delivery CDS group are expected to promote effective service delivery at the national, state and local government levels and that they are to assist in carrying out SERVICOM sensitization in both the public and private sector of the society and then learn the principles, ideals and tenets of efficient service delivery in governments establishment. It is also to institute a framework for resolving and escalating all unresolved complaints, including obtaining feedbacks from the complainants.
She went ahead explaining the main functions of the SERVICOM Office which she listed to include: coordinate the formulation and operation of SERVICOM charters and service improvement plans in MDAs, to monitor and report progress and performance of the MDAs under SERVICOM obligation through compliance Evaluation using the SERVICOM index, to carry out surveys of service and customers satisfaction, to publicize charters and sensitize the citizenry to demand quality service as a right at all times while the service compact as a customers service pledge state that “we dedicate ourselves to providing the basic service to which each citizen is entitled in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner”
Others are: service charters are to be displayed at conspicuous places in the commission and the zonal office, especially at service windows where the customers could easily read and know their right to good service. SERVICOM goes with a golden rule: serve others as you will like to be served.