ABUJA – The Zaymar Education Centre (ZEC) has  advised Muslim women all over the world to emulate the virtues of Nana Fatima, the daughter of prophet Muhammad (SAW), as the world celebrates her.
The Co-odinator of the centre, Hajia Shifa Garba, made the appeal in her address during the celebration of late Fatima in Abuja at the weekend.
The theme of the celebration for this year; “mother, the Axis of Unity,’’ is to commemorate the roles played by Fatima in the development of Islam.
Garba said; “the best of women, especially the one we are celebrating today, lived their entire lives within the limit of Allah (SWT).
“ They have achieved greatness through actions which even the best of men could not have equaled.
“ They have gained love and respect not only for those who knew them, but also for those who came to hear about them long after their time,’’ she said.
Garba hoped that everybody would leave the programme with more knowledge about Islam and the virtues of the late prophet’s daughter.
Some people received awards at the programme for their extraordinary contributions toward the upliftment of the Islamic religion.
The awardees include: Hajia Aisha Lemu and Hajia Alawiyya Umar, among others.
Responding on  behalf of other awardeees, Hajia Alawiyya umar, urged Muslim women to watch out for those characteristics in Fatima that made her outstanding and to imbibe such characters to better their lives.
“ I have no doubt in my mind that if my fellow women emulate the life and time of Fatima, they will have a fulfilled life.
“ I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to my fellow women that the only way to live a life worthy of emulation is to be closer to our creator,’’ Umar said.
Also, Hajia Aisha Lemu, one of the awardees, urged women to be upright, hard working, close to their creator and have total submission to their husbands.
According to Lemu those are some of the virtues of the woman the world is celebrating today.
“ We Muslims all over the world are celebrating her today because she was one of the greatest role models in early days of Islam.
“She was a major supporter and comforter of women in the early days of Islam and had touched many people’s lives during her time,’’ she said.
She, however, called on Muslim Ummah to make the Holly Qur’an their companion and be very prayerful, if they were to emulate Fatima, the prophet’s daughter.