QPR head coach Chris Ramsey agrees with Les Ferdinand’s belief that “covert racism” exists in English football.
Rangers’ director of football recently called for the ‘Rooney Rule’ to be introduced given the lack of opportunities black managers are being given.
John Barnes stated that he has struggled to get another managerial role due to the colour of his skin and Ramsey is in no doubt the issue needs to be addressed.
He said at a press conference on Thursday: “Because I’m sitting here I’m not going to now change my views of many, many years.
“The fact that we’re still at this stage of the game highlighting that I’m the only black Premier League manager shows that it’s not the norm to have people from ethnic minorities in this position.
“So until this becomes normal and is not highlighted in such spectacular fashion, that racism will be evident.
“I’m in a very fortunate position to be manager of QPR, but I would hope that people wouldn’t look at that as a token gesture. I would like to think that I’ve earned my stripes.
“I think there are probably other people that are more talented or better suited in some respects from a profile point of view, as there have been many white managers that have got jobs based on their profile and playing experience and other things like that.
“I do think there are people that should have had jobs of this magnitude and it shows that there is covert racism in the game.”