GLORY to God almighty! Maker of heavens and earth and all things that are in them. Moreso, I as well say good day to you all; friends, well wishers, neighbours, beloved brethren in Christ amongst the blacks and whites the world over privileged to come in contact with this all-important and very timely message or sermon at a time “like this”. Indeed much has been said, taught dramatized, sung)and written by so many peoples of various discipline; as preachers, poets, actors, artist, of high profile and of great fame, yet the message or subject “SOWING AND REAPING” remains unending and very relevant in the scheme of our day to day life or events, because of its strength and role in all of mankind life journey on the surface of this planet (earth).
The Lord whom also is known and called GOD- maker of the universe, “you and me inclusive,” said among His “Love message to us human .beings (His words), which formed the “Book of great honour and value” popularly called or known as Holy Bible” spoke thus; in the book of Genesis chapter eight verse twenty two, Genesis 8:22:
“While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest ,cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night shall not cease”. What was God saying to His servant and prophet (Noah) at this point? After the “flood or rain of destruction” that came upon the existed world then. God was simply telling Noah that the order of things as HE (God) has made them will surely remain or continue as He made or planned or arranged them. Rain at the time of rain, heat at the time of heat, night at the time of night, seedtime (sowing) at the time of sowing, harvest (reaping) at the time of reaping, everything in their due times and seasons. In other words times and seasons shall not cease (end or stop) till Jesus comes or the world ends.
What then is times and seasons? Times and seasons simply means moments or periods of life known or unknown, predictable or unpredictable by we human beings, which God has set in place for certain events or occurrences as deemed fit by the Almighty God. Back to the major aspect of this message “SOWING AND REAPING,” what also is the meaning of these two key words SOWING AND REAPING? Sowing simply implies putting, digging or burying seeds of part or tree fruit in the earth or ground, with the hope to see it germinate, grow up to mature tree or plant bearing its own kind-as fruit for food or other purposes.
Invariably, reaping on its own too, means to harvest, pluck or gather fruits of plant or tree hopefully planted by its “seed form” in time past-may be three months, six months, one or two years ago depending on the type of tree or plant that was planted.
Considering the mystery of God’s power, purpose, and laws of nature and life, we discovered that seeds of crops or plants when planted in the soil do surely germinate, grow up to bear fruit for the planter or sower to either consume as food or otherwise, even so this law of life plays its role over all of human affairs in this world. Hence whatever we do or say, whatever role we play in any of life matters, positive or negative, good or bad or evil must of certainty get mature and return back to become or find its way in or to our life as at when due, only God knows when the fruit, reward or repercussion will come. Be informed that this doesn’t mean until or after death before the reaping of what has been done or said it is just while we are still living or alive and worse or more of it after death, depending on where you ends up after the earth life. Ecclesiastes 3v1-2 says: To everything there’s a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant, and to pluck that which is planted.
The Lord is again saying in these two verses of ecclesiasts, that everything, purpose or affairs taking place or happening under heaven has a divinely set time of happening, a particularly appointed time to plant and another to reap (get-back) what has been planted or done under the heavens. This therefore means that there’s GOD set time “governing everything done under the sun and moon, whether on the surface of the earth, in the seas or oceans, and under the earth and seas, this is called the law of life and nature’s Neighours, now we know there’s powerful and unfailing law” put in place by the owner & maker of universe, what kind of persons are we supposed to be or how are we suppose to conduct or behave “OURSELVES” in this world? I know you will say wisely and intelligently, faithfully and lovingly. Right away, examine your-own self whether these qualities or virtues are in you. If yes! Thank God for your life, may be because you are “born again,” having and living by the Spirit of God in you —so keep on, but if you examine yourself and find these virtues absent, it means your case is a very serious one and needs heaven’s attention, then what must you do? Simple! All you need do, is simply to become “born again,” to so many these two words “BORN AGAIN” is so scary because they have become so addicted and friendly with evil and the negatives of life, to the point that they lacked the power or strength to do good or right completely. Mind you beloved, this issue before us is truly a serious one, many that took it for granted before now-some are already facing the consequence in hell-fire as you are reading this message now, so be wise as to know how to escape the eternal and temporal consequences which is the harvest of any evil done. Remember the Lord God has said “be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. God is presently-(yet) saying it. Don’t let anybody deceive or fool you, because God don’t speak for the fun of it, whatever He says that or same He does. He is telling the whole of mankind that anything we sow (do, say, or plan) evil or good the same you must expect to get, receive or have at when due. William shake spear, in one of his books titled “JULIUS CEASAR” said “the evil that men (peoples) does or do lives after (follow) them” even while they are  alive in this world. The Bible also says evil, shall slay (kill or destroy) the wicked. Friends what then is the purpose of your heart or decision at this point? You want to continue in sowing (doing) evil or good to people?  The decision is yours alone, because the reward of any among the two, will as well be for you only. Let me quickly bring again to your heart or mind that without you being genuinely “born again” (whole hearted repentance) from sins or doing evil, and ask “Jesus Christ the Saviour and Lord of all” to forgive all the sins (evils and bads) you have done (sown) in peoples life or you will forever lack the power to do or sow good in peoples life, truth being that only Jesus and Holy Spirit gives grace and power to sow or do good in a genuine order. So repent today even now, don’t delay because Jesus Christ is coming very soon! Confess all your sins to Him right away, you don’t need to see Him the way you see others around where you are there, is by faith, only believe He’s by you in a spirit form, though you are not seeing Him, as you do it sincerely, miracle you never expected, such that will last a lifetime will happen in your life and you will never forget this day in Jesus name! by GOD’s special grace I want to cap up this sermon by this powerful and ever fresh exhortation words from the LORD Himself. “He that is unjust let him be unjust still, he which is filthy, let him be filthy sti1l and he that is righteous, let him he righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
And, behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to every man (everybody, each person) according as his/her work (deeds or whatever sown) shall be. Rev 21: 11-12. Beloved brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, sinners and saints alike, single or married, educated and illiterates, the rich and the poor, preachers and laymen, professionals of all works of life, remember LIFE is all about sowing and reaping, whatever we put into life, the same it shall deliver to us, politicians be warned, desist from doing evil. At this juncture I cap up or come to the conclusion of this matter, repent! fear God and keep His commandments, let your heart/mind reflects on this message always and live it out, and the good and faithful God will be left you up without option than to immensely bless and preserve you for His kingdom. I wish you “all the best”. If in any way you have been blessed, refreshed and delivered by this sermon, connect to share with us on these lines of contact. I say to you-do have a fulfilled day, is been your neighbor, friend, and brother in Christ.