A story released recently by an online news media – 247 Nigeria news website, maliciously attacked the personality and reputation of Professor P.E. Agbebaku and his wife, Prof. (Mrs.) C.A. Agbebaku who is the current Vice Chancellor of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. The report was sponsored by some dissident staff who are now loosing grip of the powers they have used over the years to hold the university to ransom for their personal benefits and strong racketeering.
The baseless write-up orchestrated by faceless individuals claimed that Professor P.E. Agebaku, brazenly harassed Joy Edobor for grade while a student in the Department of Political Science,  Ambrose Alli University. This has been proven to be high level fabrications and misrepresentation of the real situation as a cursory investigation exposed the bare- faced lies and falsehood cooked by agents hired by powerful academic members of the university, who instigated the said Joy Edobor to discredit and tarnish the hard earned reputation of the university, Professor P.E. Agbebaku and the Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Mrs.) C.A. Agbebaku.
It was discovered that the said Joy Edobor, did not over stay her 4 years academic programme in the university, as insinuated by the detractors who have vowed previously that Prof. Cordilia Agbebaku’s administration will be stunted and discredited, using all means available. Some of the tactics they have employed so far include: deliberately spreading falsehood, intimidation and polarization of the unions in the university, to achieve their devilish aim. Joy Edobor only abandoned her study half way when she could not cope and later re-surfaced to complete the programme when she got assurance for assistance from same fraudulent staff of the University, and so, their purported story on the online news media and the sponsored petition to ICPC were intended to bring the reputation of Prof. (Mrs.) C.A. Agbebaku and indeed the entire University to disrepute.
Such malicious publications against the University and Prof. P.E. Agbebaku is condemnable and the university stakeholders will resist attempts by anybody both within and outside the University to discredit the work of our highly respected Vice Chancellor and other distinguished professors of the institution including Prof. P.E. Agbebaku. It is a truism that the tenure of Prof. (Mrs.) C.A. Agbebaku as Vice Chancellor of Ambrose Alli University has witnessed tremendous transformation in terms of infrastructure and human capital development, a feat she vowed to maintain till the end of her administration.
So, let all those who want to become Vice Chancellor at all cost wait for their time and endeavour to maintain good moral, administrative and academic records as these are among the qualities that will put them high above their peers who are also seeking the same office. These were among the qualities found in Prof. (Mrs.) C.A. Agbebaku, hence she was appointed vice chancellor of the institution.
Undoubtedly, Prof. P.E. Agbebaku has also made a mark in the institution is a quintessential Professor of Political Science who has offered the university and Department of Political Science over thirty years of meritorious service and has worked for the university in various capacities.
·    Innocent Edemanrhia is a Commentator on National Issues.

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