Forgiveness in the dictionary states this particular topic as, the one who no longer has the wish to punish someone or someone who no longer has hard feelings against somebody who has offended him in the present or in the past. From all ramification forgiveness is a fortune and furthermore a MASTER ERASER. We can quickly state here that what is happening in ones life is due to lack of forgiveness. Note here that every resentment in life is an impression stamped on the consciousness. So forgiveness is the master eraser for the completeness of our spiritual realization. Factually everyone wants to have a new consciousness without cleaning the murky consciousness that we have accumulated within the mind.
1. To cease to bear resentment against
2. To stop being angry with
3. To pardon or to overlook
4. To give or to replace ill feeling in order to gain the sense of peace and harmony.
5. To give love to someone
It is a verified truism to state here categorically and emphatically, materially and spiritually that if you have a problem, you surely have something to forgive, anyone who finds himself in an unpleasant circumstance has something to forgive. Anyone who finds himself in debt has a need to forgive. More so wherever there is suffering, lack, confusion or misery of any kind, there is need to forgive. Generally resentment, anger, condemnation, the desire to set even, paying back in his own coin, or to see someone punished, these are things that rot your soul and tear down your health. If you have to overcome pain and injury of the past, you must learn to forgive. Not so much for the sake of the other person as for your own. To hurt or to hate scares the soul and works illness into the flesh and the illness will never be healed until you forgive. Forgiveness begins with the one who recognizes the offence and when you get the offence out of your own heart, there and then you have forgiven. More so the reconciliation which you bring about within yourself will affect your brother/sister and will bring about automatic forgiveness towards you on his own part. Forgiveness is not a casual act, the word means a blotting out or a cleansing out of transgression. It takes time and persistence for true forgiveness to invade the subconscious mind. Finally you may not know or be consciously aware of whom or what you need to forgive, though it will be revealed to you as you invoke forgiveness. So the important thing is that you willingly speak words of forgiveness and let those words do these cleaning works for you. And if only one person will truly forgive, his problems can be solved regardless of who else is involved and whether the other person wants to forgive or not. The person who dares to forgive gains control of
the situation. You may not have appeared to have any prior power to solve the problem but suddenly there will be a solution. The person who forgives will find a divine solution appearing before him as never before. Materially or Spiritually one must learn to forgive if one wants to be permanently healed. Health cannot be accepted by a body filled with poison of bitterness or unforgiveness. When your good is delayed, that is the time to forgive. Forgiveness can sweep all that have delayed you towards perfection, fulfillment or any achievement. The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good. No good thing can be withheld from a forgiving mind. Now listen to this analogy – If Jesus Christ has not dared to forgive or say on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. He would not have experienced resurrection. Forgiveness is all powerful that heals all ills. It makes the weak strong, the cowardly to be courageous, the ignorant to be wise, it makes the mournful to be happy and finally it unlocks whatever has stood between you and good fortune. With a sad note, remember that the unforgiving mind is full of fear and offers love no room. It is sad without hope for respite and release from pains. It is stunned with doubt, confused about itself and all it sees. It is always afraid to forge ahead and afraid to stay on ground. It does not believe that giving and receiving are the same Karma of your own making. Without forgiveness the mind is in chains, believing in its own futility, because it cannot bring itself to blot out resentment. With forgiveness does light shine through the dream of darkness, offering it hope and giving it means to realize the freedom that is its inheritance. The illusion is that there is something to forgive. And those who forgive are releasing themselves from illusion while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves to illusion. Forgiveness is the means by which illusion disappears. Through your forgiveness the truth about your true self return to your memory. Therefore in your forgiveness lies your perfection or salvation. It wipes away the empty dream of separation and sin. It sees no sin therefore releasing it. Forgiveness sweeps away distortions and opens the hidden alter to the truth by which it stands between illusion and truth. In fact it is acquired and not inherent. In the present generation, forgiveness is uncommon. There are three types of forgiveness in this present dispensation.
1. OPEN FORGIVENESS: This calls for broad minded people who do not wait but openly and within their heart forgive anyone that steps on their shoe or toes. This is two ways action involved. In this dimension, only few people belong to this group. They are self equipoise. Those in this category are human beings. They contain the good qualities of patience, tolerant, fore-bearing, unruffled towards ugly situations, unbiased, focused, simple and high mood, contentment, sharing and caring, magnanimous, interlocking spirit etc. they steadily progress with contentment. They are not overzealous about wealth accumulation because they know one of the secrets of true living- that everyone has been allocated his quota of any thing about life and they will come when they will come to you. Such a personality does not take vows nor oaths to become rich or richer. He follows the simple path of life.
2. PARTIAL FORGIVENESS: This set of human beings are difficult to understand. They instantly forgive outwardly but inwardly they have all grudges lined up for future action to follow up. They are more deadly than the seen cobra. They laugh, play, joke, talk, make fun, greet nicely, welcomes you in and out that you may not know their inside wishes for you in the near future. You are hereby warned -forewarned is forearmed. Remember that salutation is not love. Not all that glitters is gold. Don’t rush to grab that beautiful apple of Sodom for it is too soft to hold. The moment you touch it, it breaks and its contents is nothing but giant maggots that will scare you away from that beautiful apple and so it is never palatable for the wise. People in this category are compared to the apple of Sodom that is attractive outwardly but makes no meaning to ones existence because it does not give satisfaction with its outward beauty because of its contamination from the inside content. Fruits are meant to bear seeds for reproduction but the apple of Sodom bears maggots inside its apple fruit. What a kind of fruit. It’s a sinful fruit.
3. UNFORGIVENESS: This kind of human beings hardly nor don’t forgive. They should be avoided if possible nor kept at arms length. There are three categories of forgiveness in human beings and the choice amongst these three is strictly yours, because if you can show me your friends, I can equally tell who you are. From the above write up, let us take a resolution of ourselves to make a list of people you are willing to forgive. Also make a list of what the saints call “FORTUNES TO RECEIVE’ for each person you forgive, you create a space for greater good to yourself.
Finally make an affirmation to yourself, that something better now manifest for good of all concerned in the Divine order of the Lord to forgive, for I am now willing to consciously receive all the gifts God has giving to me without any hindrance. Hope this message meets you in good faith. To err is human, to forgive is divine,
This body has been acclaimed a lump of Ignorance. It is made of five elements. Water, air, fire, earth and ether. All these materials are but vanity. They appear at a point in time, and also disappear at a specific point in time. The above five elements put together, remains ignorant and meaningless to nature, until the super soul of God, passes into this five elements at the time of conception. That super soul is the direct mercy from the supreme God to all living entities. The super soul cannot be destroyed, it cannot be bought by money, it cannot be sold, it cannot be withheld by anyone, it cannot be seen by ordinary eyes, it cannot be burnt by fire. The super soul remains the ultimate beauty of this body. It illuminates this body into life. In reality this body consist of three wholesome bodies:
1. THE BODY IT SELF: Comprises of five elements- air, earth, water, fire, ether. The body at this stage is not alive but a death matter or incomplete. This body been physical can be seen and felt. At night this body goes to sleep and remains in one place. That’s all until it awakens.
2. THE SOUL: Consists of three elements – Intelligence, false ego and mind. These key factors are imbibed within the spirit soul. The spirit soul cannot be seen by the ordinary eyes. At night when the body is asleep, the spirit soul continues to function. The body does not go on a dream trip. It is the spirit soul that goes on a dream trip, while the body is at sleep. After having a dream you will find yourself in the same position you slept. This spirit soul has the powers to migrate within and outside the body capturing various experiences and observations according to ones projection of the mind. In every Art and Act there is qualification and guidance. When the student is ready, the master is always there. Generally the spirit soul has the ability to migrate within the lower planets, the middle planets and the higher planets at will in relation to the quality of our various projections. This strongly depends also on the quality of our body structure to carry out such projection. At all time the body is undergoing various training directly or indirectly. All yielding different results, it could be in a conscious or unconscious mood. Note that the spirit soul is always in action. It is a messager on a higher realm of consciousness. The functions of the spirit soul is tremendous. And finally at death, the spirit soul carries the super soul to the next body of existence.
3. THE SUPER SOUL: The supreme spirit of the supreme God. It is ever primaeral, eternal, indestructible, full of bliss and knowledge. The super soul in compared to two birds on a tree. One represents the super soul on the tree. It is never hungry nor thirsty. It is on the tree watching what the other bird is doing. The super soul is always self satisfied within itself. The second bird represents human beings. It is always very busy trying to taste all the fruits on the tree. At one time the bird tastes a ripe sweet fruit and becomes happy. At one time the bird tastes unripe bitter fruit and becomes unhappy. This activity is going on daily. The super soul (bird) On the tree is the supreme spirit of God. It does not interfere with our free will but expects the other human bird struggling for survival to turn around to the super soul bird that is full of knowledge and ask for help to get out of such whole life struggle. That becomes the nature of the living entities on earth. Always hankering and forgetting to call sincerely on the supreme super soul for help. Only the supreme super soul of God in every 8.4 million species of life can give COMPLETE satisfaction to the living entities. The super soul migrates in this material world along side various species of bodies until perfection is attained, which qualifies a living entity to go back home back to God head. Remember that the pure in Heart, shall see God. There is no other way to see and live with God but to strive to become pure in HEART by renouncing totally the empty gliterings of this world. All that glitters is not gold. One who has achieved the knowledge of the Super Soul does not fear the existence and exisgencies of this material world. He remains equipoised.