BE grateful you men that the longing for the recognition of God does not leave you in peace during your wonderings. In this way, without realizing it, you escape all sorts of dangers in the machinery of the world.
But if man does not follow in sequence, the steps which are designed in creation and which Creation offers him in the automatic primordial laws, since it is composed of those steps, he can never attain to the true recognition of God. Even good teachings will be of no avail to him, but only entangle his paths.
Abd-ru-shin says all missionary work has so far suffered from this. It simply cannot achieve a result which is really living because, it does not proceed in accordance with laws in creation. The law of Development in this creation does not tolerate any jumps when genuine maturity is to be attained. And man will never be able to lift himself out of and above this creation to which he belong, with which he is closely connected by innumerable threads and of which he shall now form the most precious of fruits.
Abd-ru-shin the author of Grail message – in the light of Truth opines that if man really desires to become the fruit which this creation is capable of producing in the pure power of the lord, then, there must not be any interruption in the process of his maturing. It is the same as with animistic activity in regard to the fruit of the tree.
He says, wherever there is an interruption or some other interference in the development toward ripeness, be it through an early frost, too violent a storm or the harmful arbitrary nature of man, the fruit can never grow to full ripeness and thus, cannot attend real perfection.
Abd-ru-shin says, it is no different with earth man, who is a fruit of spiritual activity. Nothing must be missing in the course of his development, not a single step, because, a gap or gulf would then remain which does not permit of a continuous live up building and thus, of a further ascent towards the heights, makes it utterly impossible. Where, but one stop is missing or faulty, a collapse is bound to come and headlong fall. He can twist or turn as he likes, but man must submit to thus, least of all could the cunning and subtle sham-wisdom of his intellect erect a substitute bridge to help him onwards.
Man himself has undertaken a harmful interference by the one – sided cultivation of his earthy intellect, which now fetters him with a firm grip, as if, with steel clamps, to the world of Gross matter only from which the intellect originates. Through this the gap arose which an acquired faith in what is highly spiritual and Divine cannot bridge.
Thus the human fruit of subsequent creation must wither on its way to maturity through its own guilt. That is why even today many a man, after he leaves school to enter upon life, experiences how he entirely loses the faith acquired in his childhood, although struggling brewery to retain it. Sooner or later if he is an earnest seeker for the Truth, he has to build up entirely a new from the very beginning.
Abd-ru-shin opines that being rushed along with the enthusiasm of the masses is of no use whatever, to the individual. It never offers him that firm ground which he needs for this ascent, nor is he able thereby, to find the necessary hold within himself – that support which alone permits him always to stand firm.
Thus at present all the instruction for growing children in matters of faith is not yet right. Therefore, every where that faith which leads to the true recognition of God and which alone grants real happiness and also peace, is missing.
Therefore, until a child has achieved maturity, the child of today is directly and closely connected only with the Animistic World. During this time if must become thoroughly acquainted with the animistic through experiencing. Only when maturity sets in does it proceed to the point of spiritual connection, building up and ascending as it develops. In so doing, however, it must firmly and consciously set its foot upon the animistic as the foundation and must not sever the connection as mankind does today by never calling it to life within the children, but on the contrary suppressing if forcibly in their irresponsible conceit for ascent, however, both want to and need to be connected knowingly.
The man of today shall be so far ripened as a fruit of creation that he bears within himself the accumulated and complete result of the past development of mankind.
He who is incapable of keeping pace with, this put it down to his own guilt, he remains behind and finally perish. Everything must come to life and be kept alive through the work of “knowing” educators and teachers, so that the child receives the firm foundation and report in the animistic world which it needs for the recognition of God in the spiritual world. One step only grows out of the other when the latter is completed and not before. Nor must the precious one be taken away if the stairway is to remain intact and not to collapse.
Abd-ru-shin says only as the child matures physically does the break-through occur which establishes connection with the spiritual. But this impulse can only have vital consequences. When it is based on a knowledge of the animistic. Neither fairy tales nor legends are of any avail here, but soley the experiencing which must be achieves and completed by the beginning of maturity. It must also, remains entirely alive in order to permit spiritual to come to consciously to life. That is an irrevocable stipulation of creation, learned by observation of the past.
You need it now or you cannot proceed without the clear knowledge of the animistic activity, there is never a spiritual recognition. Without the clear knowledge of spiritual and its activity, the recognition of God cannot arise. Everything which stands outside this lawfulness is presumptuous conceit and imagination, also, very often quite a deliberate lie (Abd-ru-shin – Grail Message).
Everything in creation strides forward uniformly without interruption in accordance with an immovable Law. It is only you human beings who still do not go along owing to your delusion your ridiculous conceited knowledge, which is lacking in humble observation.
Abd-ru-shin opines that the children and grown ups of the present time walk as if on stilts in the recognition of God. Truly they struggle for it, but they float in the air with it, having no living connection with the ground as is absolutely necessary for their support. Between their volition and foundation which is needed for the up building, there is dead wood, without any ability for intuitive perception, just as with the stilts.
The dead wood of the stilts is the taught faith, which is entirely devoid of mobility and vitality. Man certainly has the volition, but no firm basis and no proper support, both of which he only in the knowledge of the past development of creation, to which the human spirit always belongs inseparably. Therefore, it is and always remains closely connected with this creation and can never go beyond it.
At last, bring and movement into your rigid volition and then you will find the great recognition of God.