As well-meaning Nigerians congratulate the President, retired Gen. Muhammed Buhari in the recent landslide victory in the just concluded General election in April polls, 2015, Nigerians also appreciate the outgoing President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his spirit of sportsmanship. His earlier acknowledgment of his defeat at the polls, by Gen. Buhari spoke volumes of him as a statesman, a patriot, a nationalist whose love for his country is not in doubt. His earlier affirmation of the outcome of the presidential polls further upgraded him as an African, and a world leader in years ahead. Not succumbing to the pressure around him by sycophants is worthy to be emulated by other sit tight African leaders. He is still a young man, vibrant, energetic, greater years lie ahead of him.
Nigerians also appreciated the good work of Professor Attahiru Jega, the INEC Boss who demonstrated extra—ordinary courage and dexterity, refusing to capitulate or resign in face of intimidation and cohesion fr6 government and political scribes of the ruling party. Nigerians thank the erudite Professor for not putting the nation in bad news again before the international communities. Previous INEC bosses who compromise when the country needed their services most, should bury their heads in shame with the performance of Professor Jega.   To the President- Muhammed Buhari, the ball is in your court, what you have labored for within the years is now within your grip. Prove your mantle of leadership for which Nigeria electorates voted enmass for you. Nigerians have high hopes and expectations from you. Whether in the security sector the epileptic power supply, the monopolistic economy, corruption in high places, massive graduate youth unemployment, close down industries, death of infrastructural facilities, obnoxious pension scheme that has put pensioners in tears and, fallen standard in education, frequent doctor strike etc.
The Nigerian  electorates have empowered you with their votes to do what is needful. appoint capable hands into the federal executive council.
Appoint Nigerians as patriots who are passionate about the growth of the Nigerian project.
Avoid  Saboteurs, sycophants or praise singers who cannot tell it to your face when you are going wrong. Avoid decampees now haggling for employment.
The mills of Nigeria must grind again and they must grind exceedingly well. Look for brilliant technocrats, good hands even from the academia who are patriots that would work assiduously for the upward mobility of the Nigerian state. Nigeria must march forward as a modern nation and take her pride of place among the comity of Nations both in Africa and the world.
Resuscitate the Agriculture sector to reduce the over dependence on crude oil. States should be encouraged to mass produce any agrarian product they are at best even for export. The solid minerals sector should be focus upon, again, state should be allowed to tap solid mineral resources in their domain to also create employment opportunities for youths. There would be a whole lot for you to revisit.
Revisit Ajaokuta Steel company which if operational can engage thousands of Nigerian graduates. Appoint the appropriate management to oversee the rolling mill. And bring in the right expert rates, with the proven skills to awaken the steel mill.
Revisit the current power holding, look into the content of the privatization of PHCN, Nigerians are still paying for perpetual darkness while cottage industries and ICT services are in jeopardy.
Re-visit the report of the constitutional conference though APC refused to send in their delegates on principles, those suggestions that would push Nigeria forward and reduce current concentrated resources and powers at the center should be devoluted to the state or zonal levels.
The Junbo Salaries and allowances of National Assembly members must be revisited by your  administration. A situation an assembly member rub shoulders with a state Governor or even receive salary more than the President of United State of America should be discountenanced. Such bloated salaries and allowances should be rechanneled to create employment opportunities for youths unemployed. Nigerian youths as corpers at the end of the service year should be given disengagement allowance that would enable them start a little venture for themselves since the Jobs are not readily available and while in school they have been taught entrepreneurship.
Finally, like America, Britain etc, Nigerians need a welfare scheme: for the aged, disabled, and the unemployed graduate youths. This is urgent to reduce tension, restiveness, crime etc.
May God give President the Wisdom to take Nigeria to the next level, God bless Nigeria.    MR. OSHOMAH BONIFACE
TELEPHONE  NO: 07059533880

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