It is quite disheartening how Africans Project Christianity. It beats my imagination the way Africans go about ‘miracle stuffs’ to the detriment of risking their lives all for faith. In fact, I was forced to ask the question. Is CHRISTIANITY MADNESS? I just could not help but ask the question because of what many Africans have become in their quest for miracle. We no longer know those pastors that are truly God sent in our society. Africans now practice Christianity more than the colonial masters who introduce Africans to Christianity. It makes me wonder if Africans truly know the meaning of Christianity or why the name was given to the disciples of Christ in Antioch after the death of Christ. I am not seeing that “Christ like” attitude in the lives of this 21st century Christians. Nothing to show of the resemblance of Christ like in the life of Christians in Africa.
Many pastors today open churches owning to the claim that God called them. Churches are all over the place. There was a day I took a walk along Aduwawa area, and I saw two churches that were on the same land. In fact both churches were just side by side with each speaker facing the other. When the first was preaching the sermon for the day, the other was busy singing praises at the top of his voice thereby distracting the one that was preaching and vice versa. At that point I wondered if Christianity has gotten to the extent of churches being on the same land, not just on same land, but indirectly fighting themselves by distracting themselves. What quality therefore classified them as Christ like? I am not disputing the fact that God called them, what I am saying is that how many of them did God ordain? Even if God ordained them, must everybody be masters of their own? Why can’t some serve under others, must all of them open their own churches? Churches are now used for business purposes.
Christianity is seen as the opium of the oppressed and keeps many addictively high with illusions that things will get better as long as they fast and pray. And that’s why most churches are now place where students go to pray for success in their exams instead of studying, doing their assignments as well as attending their lectures, the jobless go to seek for jobs instead of filling out application, the unmarried go to seek for marriage, actions that should be taken against our corrupt leaders are tabled in the church in prayers. They forget that faith without work is death, and little or no input of energy leads to less or no force output. There is nothing wrong in believing God for solutions to our problems but the way and manner Africans do it is what I am against. Because the way Africans have turned church to be is what has led to why most men of God seize the opportunity to rob and extort their members of their meager salary thereby holding them hostage with promises from above and hopes for miracles.
I really don’t get it when people turn God’s word upside down. Why are some people so adamant and allow others to brainwash them all in the name of heavenly race and getting miracles. Africans so love miracles to the extent that they can risk their lives just to get that miracle which they seek for. Most men of God have seen how Africans so cherish miracle even more than the God they claim to be serving, they now go as far as getting powers from the under world to perform miracles for Africans.
Because some persons are so blindfolded, they cannot separate magic from miracle. All they want is miracle and they are desperate to have it. They jump from one church to another, when you ask them, they tell you “na where e dey happen ooo”. Africans now do anything all in the name of miracle. It was heartbroken when I saw on facebook how a pastor had brainwashed his members to eat live snakes, undies, grass, drink petrol, as well as rode on them like riding on horse claiming that as Christians they have the authority to change everything into anything and the thing will obey. The same pastor forgot that the same bible he got that from stated that we should not put the Lord our God to test. I just cannot help but to still ask the question if Christianity is madness. Was that how the Disciples of Christ projected Christianity? Was that how they performed all the series of miracles we recorded in the bible? Did Daniel enter the lions den intentionally? What about the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, did they enter the blazing furnace intentionally? All these are questions that we should think before doing anything. People are really deviating from God’s word and plans.
It is very difficult to differentiate between a church and a native doctor’s home because of some items that some men of God ask their members to bring to church for deliverance from satanic attack. Items like broom, coconut, egg, cane, palm oil, to mention but a few.
Apart from these miracle things, some Christians don’t apply caution when it comes to dressing to church sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate some girls/women going to church from the ones going to club/party. Some pastors however are totally against it but some, support it because they don’t want to loose their members. They tell you church is in the heart and not the body/buildings. They should not forget that by their way of dressing, they can lead some persons especially the men to sin. What do we expect those who are not Christians to say about us? Just like what one of my lecturer used to say “how many Jesus do Christians have?” He classified Jesus into Jesus A and Jesus B. because one set of believers will interpret the same Bible in one way and the other will interpret the same Bible another way. That’s the same way other religious believers are seeing Christians because of what Christianity is turning into.
Life’s challenges have something contributed to many desperate for solutions, but it’s best to check where our faith is. It’s not a race issue but we need to say it like it is. Black Africans are the victims of this new phenomenon. What do we want? Let’s wake up to the reality of our enormous potential and become warriors in the world through trust in the Lord, we all have the same measure of grace as children of God. Let us be servants of the gospel not slaves. What is happening is worse than consulting sangomas. The Bible states that we need to assess these prophets who promise us unreasonable deliverance and don’t misunderstand me to be questioning God’s powers. We should just be careful how we go about believing some miracles as well. For indeed the End Time is closer than we are expecting.