Lagos -‎The Lagos State University (LASU) says it will not give room for cultism or harbour any form of illegality on its campus.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun, said at the News ‎Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Lagos that although cultism was not limited to Nigeria institutions and economy, it would not be allowed “because it is an aberration’’.

“The issue of cultism  has festered ‎almost all over; it is not limited to Nigeria.

“If you go to the UK and you see the children wearing hood, it is part of cultism, when you go to the US, you would find it there.

“So we should not see it as if Nigeria is the only one with all of these problems.

“But that is not to say that we should allow it because it is an aberration‎.

“What is it that we are doing at the Lagos State University?

“First, we had a resolve that we will not harbour illegality on the campus; we will not give room for cultism.

“First thing we did as a follow-up to that resolve was; we had a march, an open march against cultism and indecent dressing.

“We made it very clear that we will not encourage cultism on this campus; we will not encourage indecent dressing on this campus.

“In addition to that, we ensure that we deepen the competence of our security operatives through training because we know that cultism is an aspect that you also need specialists who understand it to come on board.

“So we brought in specialists who assisted to train our operatives such that they had the hands-on experience on how to manage issues of cultism.

“Then, we deepened intelligence, so much so that by the time something is happening, we have information about it.

“On day-to-day basis we get information as to activities, because a number of these different groups have days dedicated for their activities.’’

‎The VC ‎said the management had also strengthened interaction with the students and the union leaders on quarterly and monthly basis.

He said the students were being enlightened on the need to run a smooth academic calendar.

“At the bigger quarterly meeting, we share with the students the ‎vision of the university and why it is important for them to ensure that we do not have a truncation of our academic session.

“We made it clear to them that they are not getting their certificate just for the fun of it.

“You are getting your certificate to be able to use it outside in the industry.

“ If the industries do not have a belief in you; if they do not respect you; if they do not desire you, they will never employ you.

“There are certain things that would cast aspersion on your degree‎.

“If they know you attended a university that is characterised by chaos and cultism, no entrepreneur or employer of labour will want you within its vicinity,’’ Fagbohun said.

The VC said the students shared the vision of the management and have keyed into its mission to fight cultism on the campus.

He said the students were serving as whistle blower, relaying information to the management and security operatives to avert any form of threat and insecurity.

The VC said the strategies had assisted the institution in its fight against cultism, “though we cannot say that the menace had been totally eradicated’’.

“We are very aggressive in ensuring that we do not allow cultism to fester,’’ he said.