As Christians all over the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus
Christ, the Archbishop of Bendel Province, Anglican Communion The Most
Rev’d Friday Imaekhai has cautioned Christians to shun activities that
negate the purpose of Christ’s advent.

The archbishop in his Christmas message advised Christians against
drunkenness, debauchery and the likes, charging Nigerians to use the
season to reflect deeply about the life of the nation.

Imaekhai similarly enjoined Nigerians to avoid the culture of
violence, and provocative utterances that could heat up the polity.

The religious leader admonished Christians to exhibit the virtues of
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, some of which he enumerated as
love, peace, humility, sacrifice, honesty and respect for the dignity
of the human person.

“We can pay no greater respect to our redeemer than to exhibit His
virtues of love, peace, humility, compassion, sacrifice, service,
honesty and respect for the dignity of the human person and work for a
society that is structurally just.

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“The essence of Christmas must not been seen in the eating and
drinking that characterize the celebrations but in our show of
attitude of love, peace, togetherness and harmonious living so that,
we can all jointly move the society forward” he admonished.

He charged all Nigerian citizens to refrain from all forms of
political and religious antagonism, and be obedient and supportive of

He challenged government at all levels to fulfill their electoral
promises to the people to whom they are accountable.

“It is important that the issue of unemployment should be aggressively
addressed so as to reduce or completely eradicate the propensity to
criminality in the land”, he advised.