• Jon Aikhionbare

    Is there any mechanism in place to check for sincerity? It is waste of time and resources to give power to people, who in turn usurp this power to cause hardship by their incessant corruption practices that are hardly unchecked. Should they issue tickets only to violators. Are they going to be provided with designated bikes, to navigate the congestion created by impatient drivers in pursuit of drivers trying to evade the law? It is violation of fundamental right,for these officers to enter peoples car, and demand you drive to their station. No No No. They should only issue ticket, if the offending driver, do not challenge the ticket in court, then he/she is assumed guilty. Failure to pay may result in your car being impounded. Bribing and officer should carry a penalty, and any officer accepting bribe, faces dismissal and imprisonment. This will serve as a deterrent.

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