SABONGIDA-ORA-  Christians of the Anglican faith have been admonished to emulate the biblical Nehemiah and be actively involved in building the cause of Christ to fulfill their Christian purpose on earth.

The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sabongida-Ora, The Rt. Rev’d Augustine Ohilebo gave the charge at the Third Session of the Eight Synod of the Diocese, which had as its theme: ” Let Us Rise Up and Build”, hosted by the Cathedral of St. John, Sabongida-Ora, Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Bishop Ohilebo called on Anglicans of the Diocese to arise and build Godly homes and be fervent in building awareness of Christ and His Cross, the hope for a lost humanity.

Like Nehemiah, the religious leader who was recently enthroned bishop of the Diocese, sued for the co-operation of all to build the Diocese of Sabongida-Ora, whose wall he said had been broken down.

“Let us be busily involved to build the cause of Christ in humble fulfillment of our purpose of life. Let us rise up and build better homes to the glory of God, let us rise up and build an awareness of Christ and His Cross as the hope for a lost humanity.

“Let us rise up and build our cherished Diocese of Sabongida-Ora, our Jerusalem, whose walls are broken down, let us rise up and build a relationship that will tend towards achievements…,”, he admonished.

While acknowledging the existence of men like Sanballat and his cohorts who made frantic efforts to frustrate Nehemiah in the course of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, he admonished the faithful to exhibit the faith, courage and determination of Nehemiah and his me, to succeed in the rebuilding project.

Delivering the synod sermon, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ughelli, The Rt. Rev’d Cyril Odutemu Ph.D regretted that men like the biblical Nehemiah have become very scarce in today’s church.

Noting that Nehemiah did not blame past leaders but contributed his quota, he called on the congregation to stop making excuses and rise and build for God.

He added that those who stood by Nehemiah never withdrew, hence the congregation must emulate them and stand for God always.

The Bishop called on the people to repent from evil ways and build every broken walls of the church spiritually and other wise, just as he enjoined them to be ready to rise against discouragement from satan, represented by me like Sanballat and Tobiahs.

As it is customary, the clergymen of the Diocese, including bishop re-affirmed their ordination vows, during which they affirmed their loyalty to Christ alone at the synod.

to rise against the discouragement of satan and his human agents