Have you observed that the times have changed so drastically and that the world and its events are not like what we have ever known? Have you observed that everything man has built his civilization around has come to a climax, and now suffers diminishing returns? From Sports to Music to the Academy, to Science and Technology, to Beauty and the Economy at large, even to the so called preaching of the Gospel, it has gotten to its height and cannot advance beyond there. In clear terms, it has all ended! Music has ended: no new tune, no new instrument or style of play- it has ended! And shall I talk about Sports, or Education or even Science? Yes! Science has ended! All discoveries, ended! How come a little virus could take the whole world at unawares and push us back to the pristine era where they wrestled with things like small pox? Where is the much talked about advancement in Science and Technology? How about the Economy? The giants like the USA can’t get any bigger and the dwarfs like… just remain dwarfs. So every sphere has come to its end and can’t progress further; if you find anything that appears to be new, it’s either it’s a building up or polishing of what has been or an invention of destruction. Therefore, to scoffers and mockers who say, “we have been hearing of the end of the world, where is it?” it’s not farther anymore for the system having gotten to its peak is tilting downwards in a cataclysmic slide.

And I also mentioned the preaching of the Gospel, as it has become a fashion and not how GOD intended, for if man gets exhausted, not so with GOD or His Ways or His Attributes. Therefore, if there’s any place we should find something new and refreshing, it will be in Church for Gospel means good news, but let’s have a reality check and see; can you find a new sermon in the Church other than JESUS loves you and died for you? We have all believed that, what next? How about a new song like David wrote about? Or a new Revelation as GOD makes His Mercies new every morn? Shame, we can’t find such! Since the Divine Organ has veered away from the Divine Pattern, GOD has decided to preach by Himself and He’s taken the first script that He ever wrote upon, the Heavens, to declare His Glory; and what are the Heavens saying?

Have you noticed a strange but recurring appearance over the sun these days? A full rainbow around the sun in the day and around the moon in the night, have you seen it? It has appeared over this city on timeless occasions and over other cities in this country and in the world and I don’t think there’s a nation on the earth that has not sighted this appearing. And some call it a Halo, some say it’s a Mystery Bow for it beats the explanation that Science gave on the formation of a rainbow; whether there are clouds or no clouds, this spectacular Bow appears and because it’s in the Heavens, it’s above the reach of man’s Religion or Science or Education: This is GOD Himself speaking! Now who can interpret? Who will interpret? Remember that the rainbow that we have always known came for someone- Noah; it was the Sign of a Covenant, it was Mercy for the earth and mankind but it was half and until we saw this fullness we never knew that what appeared to Noah was only a portion; if what came in part could hold the sustainability of the mankind till this day, what will the fullness do? For The Elder David (The Beloved) said, “Endlessness is just a fraction of The Great Creator GOD!”, is GOD introducing the atmosphere of endlessness to the earth realm?

We need someone to interpret this Mystery Bow! And the ancient heathens have always been known to have somewhat of a clue for they were the ones that saw that Star in the East and followed to find He that was born King of the Jews; and as touching this Sign, the ancients from the East have said it marks the coming in of a new era to the earth; the coming in of The Son of GOD and so forth. Son of GOD? But The LORD JESUS is not returning to the earth as Son for He’s taken His rightful place as GOD ALMIGHTY, then who is coming forth as Son of GOD? Could these ancients be right?

But we, believers in Christ know that a new era is surely coming as we await that Golden Daybreak and a new Kingdom, so then to get the truth of the matter, we go to the source and ask the first believers for The WORD of GOD came forth from Zion. And as we ask the Jews, they show to us a prominent 2nd Century writing from The Jewish Zohar and it says that when such fullness is seen in the skies, it is The Banner of Messiah and it is the evidence that GOD has fulfilled the promise He made unto David and has raised him up again. Now, I didn’t see that coming but are we looking for the man this Mystery Bow came for? And through the Bible, whenever The Throne of GOD is described, there’s always that Bow roundabout it; and who was GOD’s chosen King? Therefore, we must look at David the man and ask, “what has this ancient King got to do with our modern times? What has David got to do with our tomorrow for this Sign speaks of a glorious tomorrow?”

To understand this Sermon that the Heavens are preaching, we must search out the Promise and promises unto David and the first thing that strikes me is that the fullness of Mercy is tied to David as the Sure Mercies of David; what the earth through Noah received in a portion has been poured upon David without measure and don’t your soul need mercy? So The Great GOD assured us Gentiles that a time is coming when that fullness will be given to us by a Covenant; is this Sign saying that, that day is already here? For the power of Calvary cannot be administered unto our Gentile souls, without David. Yes! The Bible says that Great Deliverance and Mercy, GOD gave unto David and his seed and we saw the interpretation of that on the night of the Last Supper for The LORD JESUS broke His Body and poured out His Blood in the House of David before He went to the Cross. And what happened after? A Resurrection.

Do we Gentiles hope for that too? Then we need the Sure Mercies of David! And David himself said, “I will give thanks to The LORD and sing praises among the heathen…” when will that day be but today as we stand at the end of the Storyline? Notice that this declaration of David has not been fulfilled and must be fulfilled before JESUS returns to the earth for He first came to the earth for the sake of David- “unto you is born this day in The City of David, a Saviour which is Christ The LORD!” Is He going to appear to us Gentiles? What provokes that appearing is the thanksgiving of David on this side and what will David be thanking GOD for but that He, GOD Almighty, swore to a man and will not lie?

We look again and we find that there’s a Promise unto David that is pregnant with promises and you and I not only need to lay claim on them but to have them and what is it? GOD promised David life! GOD promised David endlessness! GOD made David a forever-man and swore to it and He, GOD, will not repent! And that’s what Calvary was for; to put a seal on the Promise GOD made to David and if men die to make their nations great, what will it be when GOD dies for a man? So GOD promised David that His Throne will ever endure as the days of Heaven and for a surety established it with His Blood and that promise gave birth to the choosing of us Gentiles to be a Royal Priesthood and an Holy Nation for the first Royal Priest is David and GOD swore to never change that! Even to the House of David, GOD Himself promised to build it and set Himself as The Root and Foundation and Pillar and Roof of that House making David the only man GOD will ever build a House for and it is called a Sure House. If the House is sure, then how about the owner himself and the members of that House?

And to David, GOD promised that his children, his seed will ever be and JESUS led the way by becoming that seed and He died and raised again announcing that He was dead and now is alive forevermore with the Keys that shut up hell and death forevermore; if those Keys must be on the earth to function, then who will JESUS leave them with? Therefore, David, becomes the custodian of Eternal Life even according to what GOD promised him; and that makes St. John 3:16 to stand in power for if you have noticed, The LORD JESUS who we have all believed on, to be The Son of GOD has long been taken from the earth but the Vision says, that for man to always be, The Son of GOD must be on the earth so that we can have him and have the Life that GOD has placed in him.

And the Heavens are preaching: day unto day uttering speech and night unto night showing knowledge by the fullness of what came to Noah in part: The Resplendent Bow as it was rightly named by Elder David (The Beloved). If it came to a man before, the fullness will also be for a man and with a man and The Bible has said that there’s only one man that’s endless and that’s David. Therefore, we shall examine some more, this Promise unto David and we shall key into it for I’m sure that every sincere believer wants to have a part in that endlessness. If this Sign came with David, then it must have first appeared on a particular spot. We find that spot, we find David. So where is that particular spot in this vast expanse of the Gentile realm? See you next time friends!

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