Wednesday , September 23 2020

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  1. While this nothing but the truth, now the question is ( is it well understood) I mean what you have said have we saved it in our heart,??
    You have only said what you feel but don’t be surprised that we have already started collecting election money and other benefits attached to it, sir are you aware most of our elderly once only go for (watin we see for Hand Na be our own) in the recent happenings what we benefit immediately is actually what we want nor what you think is right… I don’t know if anyone reading this understands my point, your love for you community iLLeh is massive, yes I myself knows it, do you really know what we want ??

    What we stand to gain ……..not in the future but right now.
    In the society we are today money has mad the male child useless in our modern world.. imagine not having money how a male child would look like in town…..our parents that are also trying their best to make sure their children succeeds are also fighting for what I stand to gain now, not in the future what about the youth while i pray for a better tomorrow as well and for a good leadership Greetings Mr Anabel.

  2. This is the most honest and insightful article on Edo election I have read recently. If this is not the truth then what is! In 10 years we want a state we can boast about. The change starts with us, one person at a time! I Stan a patriot

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