Dear Community,

This is a letter from my heart to my beloved Brothers and Sisters of Ihumudumu Illeh Ekpoma and to the youth of Illeh in general. I have everyone at heart (God knows) to the extent that no day passes by without thinking of the growth and betterment of my Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers, most especially the Elderly Women of my community whom I watched grow old and are still alive. For their sake, I am working on a foundation called ROTBW Foundation (Repair of the Broken Wall Foundation) and our motto is Isaiah 58:7-12.

The main reason for this letter is to plead with my Brothers most especially, in regards to this upcoming Edo State Governor election with the two (major) rival parties in the country. We all know what has been going on between the two candidates (of each party). Obviously we know how things like this end during the elections (fights, bloodshed, hatred, brothers against brothers, stressing our parents and loved ones, mostly the ELDERLY).

The point is this: I am pleading for a peaceful election within the community. Never must we forget to realise that it is just an election. A lot of souls have already been lost over the same elections back in the days and not a single politician remembered that or fulfilled their promises to us as a community. THEY MIGHT HAVE PLANNED TO, BUT CIRCUMSTANCES WOULDN’T LET THEM (Unseen things by the masses).

I understand that most of us might be after what we will get now (money). IS THAT WHAT WE REALLY NEED? By the time we all realise today’s fight is not even for us, but for the betterment of our children and grandchildren’s future, then we will know MONEY GIVEN TO US DURING ELECTION is nothing but to FOOL us and subject us to being poor people, beggars, and people of no integrity. Fellow brothers, it’s time we wake up and follow our hearts. Remember before the elections, we have been feeding our families without them and we will still feed our families after the elections. By having these feelings and following our heart, after the elections we will all be at PEACE if really we voted for the LEADER of our choice, not MONEY.

This I know: we all are never going to vote for one party. Before deciding on whichever party to vote for, ask yourself this question: WHY SHOULD I VOTE FOR MR. A and not MR. B? Deep in your heart you should find a good reason. Most of us vote for money (our system in Nigeria) which is not bad from our own point of view — after all, even the Bible sees money as defense (Ecclesiastes 7:12) . Everyone is right because no one should be against anyone’s option but let us compromise sometimes instead of fighting.

The question is, is money what we really need? EAT TODAY and jeopardise the future of our next generation or struggle to feed today and watch our children struggling to feed us when we are old? Common family that is not what we need. We should be able to realize by now that we really don’t need election MONEY. What we need is the RIGHT LEADER and if you feel the person you are campaigning for is the RIGHT LEADER in your view, good! Be sure you are with him not because of ELECTION MONEY or for the position (Office) which they promised you in private that might never happen, but because of their capabilities to bring changes within the community by means of efficient service delivery.

To be good leaders, we should learn never to think of how to enrich ourselves, but how to make our people happy most especially the SENIOR CITIZENS because if we can make the Elderly happy, our children will watch us and do the same and later will have a habit of doing good. By so doing, we will have a better community, state, country, and then WORLD.

Special regards to HRH Anthony Ehizojie Abumere II, I will never forget you and the good work you have being doing in Ekpoma Kingdom. May your days on the throne be long, with good health and wisdom! I will so much appreciate if the youth of Ihumudumu Illeh Ekpoma of Edo State, Nigeria, can help me spread this message of peaceful election to my Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers and to the nearby communities irrespective of any party.


Dennis Ainabel Iseghohimen
Founder, Nicholas Auto Solution (NAS)
Founder, ROTBW Foundation