Greetings friends; I greet you with peace and prosperity in The Name of DAVID! Why the Name of David? It is the only Name on earth that can make JESUS to stand still and be attentive to our cry (Matt. 20:32) for JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever. What is it about this phenomenon? Something new? No! for if ever before David became King, His Name was that potent (1Sam 25:5), what will it be when GOD has raised him up from the dead? So much about that: that so much will be for another time.
Like I’ve been trying to bring to you, David is the Present Matter which must be discussed now on the earth for the purpose of salvation and that subject in itself is endless.

But now, there’s an urgent need for me to rise up to defend The Truth for no man would sit down and let a stranger bring down his father’s name. And are we children of the Covenant Line? Have we become a part of The Book of The Generation of JESUS Christ? Then the burden of the Fathers in that Book becomes our burden; the burden of The King in that Book also becomes our burden: that Book has a King- David, The King (Matt. 1:5) so in this respect I will respond to something I saw in the papers last week.

It was a sermon by a popular preacher in this country and he committed an abomination by using the Name of David as an example for sin- that’s sacrilegious and yet this despicable concoction is the product of Bible School Theology. When you say such things against a mighty Man of GOD like David which GOD Himself did not say, I wonder, what’s your age and your standing? For you are a Gentile to begin with: by birth we are an abomination for we have a long line of idol worshipers in our genealogy, but that GOD should not utterly destroy us, Grace was introduced to the earth through David first and by that token, JESUS Christ sprang out of David as his Shoot.

It was that Grace that picked Bathsheba for if you notice in The New Testament (Matt. 1:6) she was the last Gentile woman to be included in The Book of The Generation of JESUS Christ; and she was tied to The King. Now, what will make GOD to leave Israel, Abraham’s direct descendants to come down here to call out a people for His Name? to take a Bride specifically, if not the same thing that made David leave the ‘Hebrewesses’ who he had been properly married to, to look at Bathsheba?

Today the Gentile that is saved by Mercy wags his tongue against The LORD’s Anointed? What a sin! And if you couldn’t rank in terms of faith and wisdom, strength, godliness and spiritual weight and capacity with David, what makes you point an accusing finger at him? There was a Goliath, could you have done what David did? Then why speak ill of such a Mighty Man? Here was that little ant called Corona Virus and all famous preachers in the land shrunk and pulled back in cowardice (with the exception of Elder David (The Beloved) who wrestled that plague out of existence); every other preacher was comfortable shutting down, and they preached social distancing, face masks and all that instead of the Power of The Holy Ghost.

Are you therefore surprised that the Government has ranked the Church in the same class as other social enterprises under the new CAMA law? If only the Church had showed itself to be The Divine Organ of GOD on the earth, the Government would not pass such a bill into law and where are the so called Leaders of the Church? They better come out now to take a stand! But my fear is, if CAMA is repealed today, what about the mark of the beast law tomorrow? Is the Church ready for the danger ahead? Who will stand up for JESUS? All these are issues to tackle and yet some choose to speak ill of Dignities; but if only you had known that the hope the Church has to survive the peril ahead is in David, you would have a rethink.

And lastly in my response to that blasphemous piece written by that pastor and indeed every other similar occurrence in the manner of the Gentiles to accuse and curse the men by whom GOD laid a foundation for our coming in; I must say this, did you know that to speak against the Patriarch David is to speak against JESUS and to bless David is to bless JESUS? For The Almighty GOD who is The Father of Creation, when He would come in the flesh became The Son of David; and now you speak evil of his father? Are you still preaching JESUS Christ like that? So think again and repent of that for if the curse David wrote against his enemies are potent still, today, as we employ them in spiritual warfare against the things that trouble us, what will be your lot and reward, when by your careless speech, you position yourself against David? Remember Nabal: even if David forgives and forgets, The GOD of David who neither slumbers nor sleep will never forget that.

Having settled that crease, let’s have a further look at the personality of David for GOD has promised to give us Gentiles, the Sure Mercies of David and knowing that can’t be unless we come in contact with David, we have also been promised that David will return and have a Ministry on this Gentile Divide. So then we must understand his characteristics and features, his place and stature (both physical and spiritual) in the Scriptures to be able to identify him today for the Jews have said that David should be on the earth right now with a Ministry.

Now, every Psalm is a subject not just for our personal consumption but as a key to unraveling David; and so when The Great GOD called David a man after His Heart, what would that mean but that David is His Beloved? Have you ever wondered why a man will be so loved by GOD? Not only in The Old Testament for this Title was written in The New Testament (Acts 13:22). If GOD has so loved a man, then He will do anything for that man: understand why the mention of The Name David makes JESUS to stand still. And how did David become beloved of GOD? For the Gentile must attain unto that to be able to see GOD. Hence we must make it a personal resolution to search out David from his writings and beyond that to search out his Ministry for if we can find the man who GOD can never turn His Back on, beyond our personal needs, our salvation would be sure.

Now David said in Psalm 41:12 that GOD upholds him in his integrity; was David a man of integrity? Very much! But beyond that, David said that GOD set him before His Face forever: ‘settest’ not has set, but present continuous tense. Think about that for a minute! GOD set a man before His Face forever? What’s the relationship between GOD and David that David should forever be before His Frontlet? Therefore if GOD is Eternal, what will David be? If GOD is The Light, what will David be? If GOD is Holy, what will David be? This is the trust of the conversion in The New Testament (2Cor. 3:18); we are changed from Glory to Glory as we behold The Image of The LORD.

Who got that Translation Power first but the man who GOD Himself set before His Face forever? And will David not play a role for us in our Translation? For whoever stands with David is automatically set before The Face of GOD forever and therefore that man cannot remain the same. Shall we therefore stand with David as friends or fans or mere acquaintances? No! We stand with David as the seed of David for Eternal Life is the Promise of GOD to David and his seed (Ps 89:4&29). And until we experience that Translation Power, we cannot talk about “from Glory to Glory”. So David rightfully fits in, as the most important feature in our salvation story.

And lastly on this paper, David said that The LORD thinks upon him (Ps. 40:17). What will make GOD to think upon a man? And today we struggle to seek The LORD’s attention? If we find David, GOD will become so close to men. Now understand why David is called The Beloved of GOD for GOD so thought of him until He wore flesh and became made of the seed of David. And everywhere He went, by His sermons, illustrations and carriage, He kept speaking about David. Until He went to the Cross, like we saw in the last article (DAVID, THE PRESENT MATTER), and He brought back the Prayers of David and His last words on the Cross were the words of David for JESUS Christ said, “into Thy Hand I commit my spirit.” If you look that one up in Psalm 31:5, you will come to know that Redemption work was done because GOD thought about David!

Today, we need GOD to think about us for the sleeping saints have been waiting for the Second Resurrection and even we that are standing, because we know that GOD is about to turn back to Israel. Before that happens, will GOD remember to call us up, the Gentiles, for the Rapture when He cannot find faith on the earth? Will He show mercy when we have abused Grace countless times? Will we qualify for His children and well beloved fully? The conversion formula is with David, who was the first man to be beloved of GOD. How did he attain unto that? is worthy of our discussion. And if David will be identified by his characteristics, The Beloved he was, The Beloved he will always be. See you next week friends!

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