The Edo Tech Park being spearheaded by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration has the potential of adding N10 billion to the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) at the park’s full maturity.

The projection is premised on an 8 percent job multiplier effect of the technology hub which is billed to train software engineers on high-end skills to work remotely from Benin City, for global clients.

According to a report released by technical partners on the project, Decagon, an elite software engineering and leadership training institute, “the Edo Tech Park will attract over a hundred (100) very senior anchor tech talents looking to leverage geographical arbitrage and tap into the more affordable living conditions and facilities.”

“These anchor talents will also provide mentorship and career aspirations for new trained engineers in the Park,” it added.

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Governor Godwin Obaseki, who is billed to launch the project on December 14, 2020, had in his inauguration speech noted that he was working on anchoring the state’s economy on technology, leveraging on the impact of digital technology, human capital and agriculture to drive industrialisation and economic growth.

According to the governor, “We are now gradually adjusting to the new realities of the times, what is now termed the ‘New Normal,’ which means that we have to restructure our systems, policies, plans and processes in line with the new reality. This therefore calls for the retooling of our workforce and deploying bespoke technology to embrace the change that is sweeping through the world and our dear country.”

“Technology, human capital and innovation will play critical roles in the new scheme of things within government and the larger economy. We are building the workforce of the future in Edo to attend to these new challenges.

“We have no doubt that we shall overcome these challenges if we emphasise and invest in our people, particularly our youths and redesign a government that is responsible and responsive to their needs,” he added.