1 “ Wine is a mocker strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise” Prov. 20:1
Alcohol has turned many in our street to be stupefied. They become object of ridicules and mockery. When alcohol makes them rage they find themselves in a state of extreme anger which in itself is uncontrollable like a mad man. That is why any one who is a new creature cannot go by it nor be deceived by it.

Satan has his strategies; he teaches those who have not given their lives totally to Christ two words to swallow: “Drink moderately” or sometimes: “drinkbut not drunk” that is Satan’s strategy. He will not tell his disciples do not drink at all. He knows that would keep them entirely from strong drink from alcohol although he knew what that Angel of God told Manoah’s wife: “thou art barren and bears not: but thou shelf conceive, and tear a son. Now therefore, beware, I pray thee and drink not wine or strong drink, and eat not any Maclean thing.” Judges 13:3-4 she obeyed God. But Eve did not obey God. Manoah’s wife did not allow any suggestibility from Satan. Satan would have been capable of suggesting to Manoah’s wife to stick to alcohol but should drink moderately so as not to cause any miscarriage or harm to the child in the womb.

Many people have fallen because they listened to Satan’s suggesting. And he brings his suggestions to people in a subtle way.

2.In a new life one cannot be deceived by Satan. “Drink a little, drink moderately”. That is Satan’s subtle way of opening the door of alcoholism to those who have not totally surrendered to Christ for a new life, for to be a new creature, for to allow old things to pass away and to allow one to be born again. So Jesus was blunt in telling Nichodemus the truth, the gospel truth: “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” John 3:3.

Many have been deceived into alcohol because they see Priests and Pastors who drink alcohol. The other day I was with some one who still opposed to doing away withalcohol entirely. He was gladdened and satisfied in his heart that Archbishop so and so was drinking alcohol; Bishop so, so and so, mentioning them by their names were drinking alcohol; that Provost so, so and so was drinking alcohol going by names; Cannon so, so and so going by their names were still with alcohol; that Venerable so, so and so going by their names were drinking alcohol; that it was only the present Bishop so, so mentioning his name that preached to his ministers, priests that they should forsake alcohol entirely but that some of the priests were still in alcohol secretly. That was one in his church narrating what he knew. Another could also narrate what goes on in his church concerning alcohol. We can see what great havoc that can be caused when people looking at their leaders see what they do or hear what they say.

Many hundreds, many thousands, many millions have fallen into sin by what they see their leaders do. It is pathetic, disturbing and heart breaking. You look at this scripture: “But they also have erred throughwine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the Priests and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink….. Alltables are full of vomit and blitheness so that there is no place clean”. Isaiah 28:7-8.

3.Let those who delight in alcohol forsake their alcoholism and accept Jesus Christ and never seeking any hiding place in the bad examples of their leaders:“many pastors have destroyed my vineyard and …” Jer. 12:10. What you have to do now if you still drink alcohol, is to come truly to Christ and surrender your life to him and ask for a new life. He will surely do that for you. Be wise and not be deceived into alcohol.
There is no drunkard throughout all ages that ever agrees that he was at any time drunk. And there is no one in drunkenness that ever agrees that he is a drunkard.

Satan has not relented in his ministrations. To you; he has not relented in whispering to you in his subtle way that you will be in a happy mood when you are in alcohol. Be ware of his suggestibility it is capable of pulling you out of the Christian way. If is capable of removing God’s word from you and replacing it with deceit and unbeliever.

Remember that all that God would use would be filled with the Holy Spiritand not with alcohol or strong drink. Paul was one; Peter, John, Stephen etc were filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask Jesus today to fill you with the Holy Spirit and there will be a change. Remember Hab.2:15“woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink…” The end was that the neighbour became naked.