Often times, we quote The Great Psalmist when there is want or distress or calamity, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from The LORD which made Heaven and Earth.” And yes, that quote is 100% Truth but now aren’t we always selfish to think it to be one sided? We always keep looking up like it’s our right, but dear friends in reciprocity, GOD also looks down to the earth, not for help for He is ever The Self-Sustaining Spirit; as much as He looks down to help us and have mercy, He looks down still upon our works, to see if we understand and seek after Him (Psalm 14). What will it be when He has helped you and you don’t keep His Statutes and Commandments? He had mercy on you but do you put Him first? Do you do His bidding with zeal like He does yours? He hears your prayers, do you hear His Voice? Not through your heart that is desperately wicked but GOD speaks through a man according to His written promise. Do you say yeah and Amen to His Word or you argue and make adjustments to suit your fancy? Next time you call upon GOD for help, next time you look up to Heaven, remember GOD looks down too to see if you sincerely seek Him and worship Him, not He and two other entities accompanied by a mother in the name of trinity but He, The LORD JESUS, The Root and Offspring of David, Creator and Self Sustaining Spirit. Amen.

Greetings friends in The Name of the man that GOD ties Himself to by a Covenant(Psalm 89:3, 35) so closely until He, The LORD JESUS wrapped Eternity around him, from his foundation to his pillar, to his House, his Kingdom, his Banner, his Crown, his generation, his Seed: greetings friends in The Name of David.

The Elder David (The Beloved) wrote a peculiar Hebrew Song and with special permission, I will quote a translated portion of the Song: “JESUS The Messiah, JESUS The Son of David, You are The Most High but You became a Man, You are Creator but You became Saviour, forever on the earth, Your Love will be remembered.” And if you have enjoyed sunlight, if you have been blessed every morning by the breath of life, if you have feet and can walk, if you enjoy bread and daily provision, if you had difficulty and you overcame it, you cried once and then later, you found laughter, you saw a rainbow after the clouds, and light at the end of a tunnel, then you are obligated to remember The Man whose Sacrifice gave these good things the power of continuity.

He bore our griefs to take away the hardship that the enemy yoked us with, He carried our sorrows too; by His sweat as thick as blood, He removed the curse on the earth and how about His resurrection within three days? Hope has been made alive! So we can confess with all assuredness, like David in Psalm 118:17, I shall not die but live and declare the works of The LORD. Now what would be an unpardonable sin? What would be the measure for judgement? Put yourself in this picture: a wealthy man takes a girl from the slum and polishes her to his taste, giving her a chance at education that she never would have dreamed of; he builds her up to become respected in the society and even extends that help to her family.

Then after all said and done, he declares his intention to marry the lady; remember you’re in the shoes of that man; what will you do if this lady that you have so laboured for, tells you that she’s in love with your security guard? I’m sure that will make you glad? And you will bless her and do more for her? If you wouldn’t, if there’ll be some form of wrath, if your anger will swell then judge this situation for this wealthy man is The LORD JESUS and the lady from the slum, every sinner He died for. And now here we are, attributing everything called love to Valentine, this idea being introduced to us through Church. If in His shoes according to the picture, you would answer in wrath, then what should The LORD JESUS Himself do?

After all you have done and confessed for Christ, why should this guilty pleasure place you on the pedestal of judgement? Oh yes, celebrating Valentine’s Day by the Church, like The Elder David (The Beloved) preached, is a shame! To give an inconsequential, a day in the calendar of men, when He who is the measure of time hasn’t any, is a sin that can never go unpunished! For where was Valentine when our existence hanged in a balance, (if you have been taught Rev. 5)? Why didn’t Valentine answer the call? Where was he when we sought for a Redeemer? And where was he when the Lamb prevailed? Now if you’re a product of that great Redemption move, what business have you with Valentine? Why should you adorn yourself with colours for a man who has no hope of resurrection save The LORD calls his soul to awake? The red should be worn to celebrate the token that paid for our Redemption, the Currency of Blood, The Blood of JESUS and white should be worn to celebrate the peace and goodwill His birth brought to the earth.

If you should be decked in red and white, it should be in honour of The LORD and not Valentine. So you’re born again but have you understood the terms of your Redemption? And the Calvary transaction? Preachers will answer questions for misleading the laity and you the laity will answer Christ for allowing yourselves to be misled, for by all standards, you should have known better. Then why keep the 14th day for Valentine when there’s a man that was kept aside 14days to become our true Passover Lamb, like Exodus 12:5 and6 foretold? So will this Lamb have wrath at the end? And who shall be able to escape? Seeing this end from the beginning, that He does not wipe away the earth that He suffered to redeem, The LORD instituted a special Ministry: enter in David! Psalm 89:1, “I” David speaking of himself, “I will sing of the Mercies of The LORD forever, with my mouth will I make known Thy Faithfulness to all generations. For I have said, Mercy shall be built up forever and Thy Faithfulness shall Thou establish in the very Heavens.” Is this day a part of the “all generations?”

So much to this text, and if you have noticed, it’s a Prophecy to be fulfilled by David himself, through the words “With my mouth!” And David promised to ever sing of these Mercies in The Old Testament era where it was absolute judgement and not Mercy. If Calvary brought the outpouring of abundant Mercies, which at the same time were made sure to David and all men, as The Sure Mercies of David, will the Ministry of this great man not come up today? Will David not return? So have you heard GOD’s Voice today in His promise of sending David to us? It’s written all over the Scriptures. Understand that without David fulfilling this vow he made in Psalm 89:1&2, GOD will have no reason to look down on the earth in mercy. And if He can’t, He will have no option but to wipe it away completely!

So Grace, one more chance, Mercy, is absolutely tied to David! The Love of GOD did that! So should The GOD that helped you in time of need look down to see you celebrating the death of an unknown Valentine? Which should you celebrate? The Love of GOD that speaks abundant mercy to the earth or the love of Valentine that brings nothing but fornication and sin? Your choice is a step either towards Salvation or condemnation. Shalom!
Jennifer Whytte