Happy New Year! When will our beloved Continent be fully emancipated from slavery? When will Africa rise from being the scum of the earth to becoming the top dog? Where will the help of this great continent come from? Has GOD forgotten the black people? Will GOD save Africa?

Recently I heard of the Omicron variant of the Covid19 which they claim emanated from Africa. We had barely investigated that claim when world leaders began to pledge billions of vaccine doses to “rescue” Africa. Seems like a good move right? But will billions of doses save this Continent from imminent hunger? Souls are destroyed daily from the scourge of other deadly diseases, yet donations are sparse and slow in that regard. Why then is Covid vaccination being forced down our throats? Has all Europe been vaccinated? How about the Americas and Asia? Why is Africa, the pawn in what began far away from our shores? Is this a conspiracy? GOD save our souls!

And our nation Nigeria has fully joined the game by getting approval from the WHO to produce vaccines: is this a reality or a dark joke- that a country endowed with more than enough resources but cannot refine its own PMS should dole out sophisticated vaccines? Even toothpick is imported, what then will make this move work? Look at the decay in public infrastructure, and the healthcare system, did the WHO close its eyes deliberately? Even medical professionals are not fully compensated, so how will vaccine production help us? Did we suffer the same fate as Europe and others in the scourge of Covid19 deaths? Why the urge, why the rush? Who will take this vaccine when it is produced? The indigenous people that will never know their way past the shores of their communities? Or the man who has lost his source of livelihood due to the rising economic crisis and can no longer afford to feed his family talk less of travelling abroad? How does this plan tackle the security problem of this country? Everyone must pray for GOD to save. But will GOD save Africa?

Yes, sure, indeed! Because before ever we were born, before this land mass was named Africa, before our forefathers were sold into slavery, before we became know as the Dark Continent, GOD gave the entire Continent and indeed all the Gentile lands as inheritance to the man after His own Heart, David (Psalm 2:8). By this, GOD has a reason to save Africa, for when He looks down on the earth, He will not see a Dark Continent but the possession of His Beloved David. And how do I know that Africa takes the centre stage in this arrangement? Were you not told by our LORD that the last shall become the first (Matthew 19:30)? What think ye of the carrying away of The LORD JESUS as a babe into Egypt, did that altogether fulfil Matthew 2:14&15 or it’s an allegory that will speak again? What think ye of the African that carried the burden of The Cross at the point of redemption? What think ye of the restoration of gifts to the Church long after Pentecost experience, at Azusa Street in a black Church; and after that, Prophecies began to roll out touching Africa as the place for GOD’s Endtime Revival, pointing to the shape of the Continent as a gun and Nigeria as the trigger? What think ye of the glorious circle of colours around the sun, The Resplendent Bow, first appearing in Nigeria, Africa? And if you have followed the Church Ages, you would observe that GOD has visited every Continent except Africa. What think ye of the Return of David being announced from this point? Will GOD save Africa? How and why? David has come into the picture.

Greetings friends in The Name of the man whose God-given inheritance transcends the day he lived in (his first advent in the Old Testament), to the entire stretch of the generations right up to another crucible, in another sphere; climbing up to the era where GOD, The LORD JESUS, will make the days of the earth endless by sitting to reign upon The Endless Throne of His Endless Son, David: greetings friends in The Name of David. And merry Christmas too, remember Christ is the reason for the season. But supposing I tell you that the Scriptures distinctly presents two personalities as Christ, David and The LORD JESUS? Which would perfectly stand as the reason for the season? The LORD JESUS who gives the seasons and became Christ for three and a half years, to ensure the continuity of the seasons and after that returned back to His rightful estate as LORD GOD Almighty, or the man David, whom He, LORD JESUS, anointed with His Holy Spirit from the beginning; so much that his house could provide an entrance for The Holy GOD to come on the earth through birth? Talk more on that next time.

Now I hear often times, a newly fabricated attribute of GOD, “JEHOVAH Overdo” and I have pondered on it. Does GOD overdo? Has He overdone? What’s the inspiration behind this so called attribute? Does it match with the encounters that our fathers (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David etc.) had with JEHOVAH that revealed His Attributes? Does overdo match with REHOBOTH? Or JEHOVAH IZZUZ W’GIBBOR or EL SIMCATH GILI or EIN SOF? Have we exhausted the use of all these great attributes that we should fashion another? Are we familiar with their pronunciations and meanings? Why does GOD become JEHOVAH KABODHI, our glory? Yet we believers jump on the train of something so new and untested, in the face of the wide expanse that we have not covered? Why does GOD wear attributes and why are they so many? You should have settled that before grabbing Overdo. But now, like Elder David (The Beloved) says, there’s something to learn from everything, no matter how foolish it seems. So by that perspective, I find this new name the Gentiles have given to GOD as an inflection of Acts 17:23 experience- the Gentiles trying to identify The Great GOD who has abounded towards them in love and mercy, yet is not so known by them. Yeah! If we had known Him we would have known what Name to call Him instead of JEHOVAH Overdo.

And now, indeed, The LORD has done great things for us for before we were born, to ensure that our race be not extinguished from the earth, GOD Himself, gave us, as possession to His Son David, for in David tomorrow is ever sure (Psalm 2:8). While we were yet in sin and idolatry, He came in the flesh and died for us and to ensure that what He did in Israel two thousand years ago would get to every Gentile soul, there was a Cross through which the blessing passed from the elder (the Jews) to the younger (the Gentiles), as had been prophesied by Jacob in the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh. And because He had us in mind, to ensure the Africans touch that blessing, there was a Simon of Cyrene.

And after His Resurrection, He projected His true desire by promising to send us David, and build again his Tabernacle and not just that, He sealed it by promising to make with us, The Everlasting Covenant, even the Sure Mercies of David; and because He has promised to save David and his seed exclusively, He revealed Himself as The Root and Offspring of David (Rev.22:16) at the end of The New Testament. Now today, all that was written in print is now made flesh for David has indeed returned so then if you examine this weight of Glory that GOD has bestowed upon us, The GOD who was manifested only to the Jews in times past, who was afar off, but now so close, you can say He has overdone it in love and mercy for the Gentiles. But should that be enough reason to address Him as JEHOVAH Overdo? No! In that abundance of love and mercy, He has revealed Himself as ELOHIM DAVID, The GOD of David, for the House provided with enough room to accommodate every tribe and tongue is the House of David.

It is through that House, men can touch Calvary again for a fountain has been opened to men in that place (Zech13:1); through that House, there’s abundance of pardon (Isaiah 55:6&7) and by that the Gentiles can sing, Yes JESUS loves me for the Umbrella to withstand the perils of this world is with David (Psalm 91:1). So thank GOD for David! And it has been Thanksgiving time, do you think it’s an accident that no matter what sect or denomination you belong to, you must present your Thanksgiving to GOD through David? Not Jeremiah, or Isaiah or Moses, or the Apostles; to get it right you must say it as David said it through the Psalms.

And so I started by asking, will GOD save Africa? Yes! In David. But are you, hopeful, aware that David made GOD certain promises that he’s yet to fulfil? One of such which clearly points to his Second Advent is that he will give thanks to GOD among the heathen, that is in the midst of the Gentiles (Psalm18:49). Where will that great Thanksgiving Programme take place? In Russia? England? The US? Remember the allegories I started with- the carrying away of The LORD JESUS into Egypt; Simon the Cyrenian at Calvary; the restoration of the gifts to the black race at Azusa; the notable prophecies of the great revivals to take place in Africa and so forth; are you getting the picture? The Second Advent of David will begin in this continent, Africa that it will be fulfilled, Out of Egypt have I called My Son- The LORD JESUS speaking. Beyond the thanksgiving programmes in your local Church, won’t you be a part of the people prophesied to run to David (Isaiah 55:4&5)? Won’t you join David to pay the Vow? Remember GOD has promised salvation exclusively to David and his seed (Psalm 18:50). What will it be when we Africans become the people of David, GOD’s Beloved? Will GOD save Africa? See you next week. Happy New Year!