As Presidential candidates of the various political parties struggling to produce Nigeria’s next president, have officially launched their campaigns, a renowned man of God, prophet Gabriel Igoweh, has urged Nigerians to vote their conscience, and not their tribe or religion.
This pronouncement was made during the 2022 Thanksgiving Service of the Triumphant C & S Church of Zion, with the Theme: ‘Sacrifice for Increase’ which took place over the weekend in Benin City.
The Clergy man who is also the Minister-in- Charge of the Church, said that the elites in Nigeria have lorded it over the masses since the birth of Nigeria in 1960, using tribal and religious sentiments to drag the country backwards, while promoting their selfish parochial interests, a very sad development that has contributed to the impoverishment of the largest majority in the land.
According to him: “Nigeria is in the dungeon of strive, underdevelopment, ethnicity and religious intolerance because political leaders have cleverly used tribalism and religious sentiments to get to power, a terrible situation that has disallowed the most competent and cerebral characters, who would have unified the nation, from getting access to political power. We are in a mess politically, economically and socially because pan- Nigerian leaders have been blocked from winning the highest political trophy here. People who have absolute nationalistic objectives have been effectively pulled down over the decades. What we need is a leader that will see himself first and foremost as a Nigerian, above religious and tribal sentiments. As we go into the next presidential election come February 2023, l am using this opportunity to appeal to the body of Christ and Nigerians in general, to drop their tribal and religious sentiments, and vote massively for the best presidential candidate amongst the pack of presidential candidates who have been cleared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to contest”
The outspoken prophet Igoweh, who was called to the pulpit twenty years ago, however warned Nigerians to pray fervently to God, so that the coming presidential election will be devoid of violence and bloodshed.
The 2022 thanksgiving service, which was graced by the parishioners and invited guests who came from far and wide, witnessed melodious songs by the resident choir of the church.