ASABA: Some residents of Asaba, the capital of Delta State, are daily lamenting the continued fuel scarcity in the country, the state capital being one of the worse hit. Reports across the town and its environs indicate that pump prices of petrol have continued to increase daily and sometimes severally in a day.

Within last week, the price of petrol rose from N360 per litre to N400 and N450 per litre depending on the filling station. The continued scarcity has elicited reactions from different individuals.

Timothy Elue, a resident in the Bonsaac Area of the state capital, said that the high price of petrol had caused a lot of damage to the economy, with the salaries of workers being the most affected.

“There is no light, and there is a surge in transport fares and prices of foodstuffs and services in general. Please, how are you guys coping? I have never been this frustrated. What’s going on in this country?” he lamented.

Joyce Obi complained bitterly at the filling station in Summit Junction Area, saying: “the electricity distribution company in her area barely brings light, upon that there is fuel scarcity. So, most people cannot afford fuel and they sleep even in darkness.”

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Efemena Lucky said: “I am tired of this fuel issue. Most people are not even complaining again, everyone is just dealing with the hike and scarcity on a low key.”

Nogozi Ewele, a trader, expressed dissatisfaction at the level of poverty in the country despites its natural resources.

“This is a country stupendously rich in crude oil queuing up to buy fuel because of fuel scarcity. Yet people are getting ready to vote for the people responsible for this mess to continue,” she stated.​

As for Joseph Ebi, he simply concluded, that: “We are probably going to experience this fuel scarcity until the handover in May. God! May this government never happen to anyone again, ”​ he said.