…… Kane opened the scoring with a fine finish just before the half time interval. The win helped Spurs bounce back from back-to-back Premier League defeats

A typically brilliant Harry Kane finish was enough to see Tottenham past Fulham, cementing their hold on fifth place and closing the gap on Manchester United in fourth. Kane now has 266 goals for the club, joining Jimmy Greaves as its all-time leading scorer.

Fulham were by far the better side in the first half without creating too much, but in its final 15 minutes Spurs improved slightly. That said, a goal did not look imminent until, in injury time, they got the ball into Kane 25 yards from goal and one quick turn and look later, a low curler was fizzing past Bern Leno. Who knows how many more he’ll add to that 266 should he stay at the club.

The home side tried their best in the second half, but had neither the wit nor the class to make something happen. Nevertheless, they’ll be delighted with their first half of the season, while Spurs are still posing more questions than they’re answering; they just so happen to have Kane, who is good.

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Spurs beat Fulham because they have Harry Kane. Nothing his manager did, and nothing any of his teammates did, had any serious impact on the result.

In isolation, this wouldn’t matter – brilliant players are brilliant players because they do things others cannot. But with Conte’s side, it is the case with alarming regularity, and there is no sense whatsoever of a serious side in development.

Though the season is only half-over and there remains plenty of time for them to improve, should they achieve Daniel Levy’s holy grail of Champions League qualification, it will be because the sides above them have fallen apart.