Candidate of the Labour Party in the forthcoming presidential election, Peter Obi has said he would fight poverty in Nigeria through various measures, including opening the country’s borders if elected the president.

He made the promise in Katsina State on Monday when his presidential campaign trail stopped at the home state of incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Obi explained that insecurity and bad governance had caused extreme hardship and poverty in Nigeria.

He assured the electorate of his readiness to build a new Nigeria for all, restore security and boost the socio-economic fortunes of the state and the nation if given the mandate to govern the country.

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“Datti and I chose to build a new Nigeria. In the new Nigeria, security will be number one. When we have security, we will open the borders,” Obi said.

“Ours is to fight poverty, and we can’t fight poverty without security and opening the border, we will make sure we put you out of poverty.

“There is insecurity in Katsina and Nigeria. We will fight insecurity and poverty and make sure people stop suffering. I know you always have a government, but you will agree with me that you are always being deceived, especially the people you have been voting for. Now we are coming, and I’m begging you to go out and vote for us and you will see a new Nigeria,” he said.