Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed has said the federal government is in total support of the recent visa restriction by the United States on some Nigerians who undermined the nation’s democracy.

The United States government had announced the visa ban on Nigerians who undermined the country’s democracy, adding that it was not targeted at the Nigerian people or the government but specific individuals. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, made the announcement last Wednesday. The names of the affected people were not mentioned.

Mohammed said whatever action is taken against anyone who undermines Nigeria’s democracy “Is right and justified.”
He also said that those found to have undermined the nation’s democracy that has been watered by the present administration should be sanctioned appropriately.

“Let those who undermine our democracy be sanctioned and let them carry their cross,” Mohammed remarked at the 20th edition of the PMB scorecard today in Abuja.

The information and culture minister said no administration in Nigeria’s history has shown more fidelity to the tenets of democracy than the current Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

The minister said the Buhari administration is creating a template for smooth transition of power to next administration on May 29, 2023, saying the government does not have any plan to extend its stay in office beyond the handover date.