Reactions have continued to trail President Muhammadu Buhari’s call on Nigerians to support the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the forthcoming election.

President Buhari had in a recorded video urged voters to support the candidate of the APC in the Saturday, February 25 election, a call that was rejected by some Nigerians on the social media.

In the broadcast, Buhari said “I am not a contestant in the coming election, but my party, @OfficialAPCNg, has a candidate in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I am calling on all of you to vote for @officialABAT. He is reliable, a true believer in Nigeria, and he will build on our achievements.”

In reaction, many Nigerians on Twitter rebuked the president’s call for support with some declaring support for their preferred candidates.

One respondent by the name Prince Charmin, @Dprince_Charmin said: “I appreciate BAT for standing tall and coming with the mindset of saving Nigeria, I trust he will do much great work and make Nigeria great again in January 25th election . I and my family, loved ones and friends will vote him on January 25th. But February 25th we will vote OBI.”

Another Twitter user, @AjoseGideonT

Gideon/We’re’ Hiring, said “After 8 years y’all have nothing to campaign with other than pain and suffering of the common Nigerians.

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“We are wiser now and we are voting PDP.”

Also, Mr Frank @Mooregees said “Nigerians don’t vote another absentee President. Over 200 days absence is more than 6 months. That is what a President spent on a hospital bed. Aso Rock is not old people’s home. It is an office. Vote LP. Vote Peter Obi.”

Mgbadike 1 Of Enugu with the handle, @Mazigomez said “Don’t vote for Tinubu. Buhari showed us shege. Tinubu will show us shege banza. Vote for Peter Obi.”

Valentine O. B, @Valentinefire_ said “if so, why are u implementing a policy that will make Nigerians hate the ruling party? would you have done this if it was your name on the ballot?? You are reducing the chances of every person running under the APC day by day. Fix this !.”

Ismail @IsmaeeelMuhd said message by the president is a well composed message by some media aide. He said “Buhari’s body language and action is that he doesn’t want Tinubu to be president.”

In that same regard, Kelvin Odanz

@MrOdanz called on @BashirAhmaad and @GarShehu to “please stop using Baba Buhari’s Twitter account to campaign for Tinubu. This Tinubu man has insulted Baba Buhari several times, Ganduje and El-Rufai (his boys) have also insulted Baba Buhari. Stop using his Twitter account to promote his hater.”